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  1. Beware of Lund

    Agreed - for clarity, in no way I ever thought that is the right behavior - just an observation that despite it, people still buy from him.
  2. Beware of Lund

    That's a great write up. Really. Where it falls apart is that Lund is making money. So he can do all the unprofessional things we talk here about and is making money at the same time. LOL.
  3. Winter storage re: fuel stabilizer (?)

    It'll be fine, won't hurt anything. Overall the entire stablizer thing is overrated, for 4 months just fill the the tank with fresh gas and you'll be fine. I've been starting cars that had not been ran 6 months and had quarter tank. They were fine.
  4. Beware of Lund

    I think he tries to be little more direct and crossed the "unprofessional" line. But not taking sides - he's dealing with a gigantic number of plain morons that there is no shortage of in this world. I've dealt with Alex (yeah, the Youtube one) and he did what I asked and was quick. Tunes works...

    Why are you replacing Steeda springs ? Ford 5300-W are softer than Steeda's (unless that's what you're after).
  6. Mercedes-Benz to introduce acceleration subscription fee

    It's free market guys. Capitalism. What everyone wants. You don't like ? Don't buy it, market will sort it out. (technically how it should have sorted out ADMs too except it didn't, LOL).
  7. FA says 2024 GT still the same 450 hp!

    It's basically the same engine, with a fancy intake (and the 18+ intake is already allegedly good), so I am not sure where everyone is expecting those power increases to come from - they need to insure some reliability.
  8. Non Mustang - My Daily Approach’s It’s 11th Birthday.

    Looks like it's brand new. It's nice to see such a great family pics for once here btw. Thanks for posting.
  9. Race Trailer Advice Needed, Please

    I feel like enclosed trailer get stolen quite often - for whatever reason. My main worry is leaving truck/trailer/car for a night at a hotel parking lot - lots of the theft you hear about happens in this exact situation - when I am traveling to the event that requires overnight stay.
  10. Front Brake pad life?

    They last long enough that with normal driving (that includes "spirited", "canyon carving" and similar - in none of these anyone brakes hard enough to wear the pads out quickly) they will last good couple of years, probably in excess of 40k miles at least. Most replaces them because of dust or...
  11. Unfortunate Tuesday with my Mach 1 - engine oil mess (not as bad as BP)

    I had the misfortune of having entire oil leak out (same engine, same capacity) - due to UPR oil drain plug. Cleaning it up wasn't too big of deal although it was not in a parking garage - but that's why I asked who called 911. If OP did that, then of course they made him pay. Someone has to.
  12. How Functional is a Functional Rear Wing?

    Wing is literally the last thing you should be thinking of for a stock car unless you're more concerned about looks than actual performance. And for high speed runs, it'll just slow you down - obviously. So why ?
  13. Unfortunate Tuesday with my Mach 1 - engine oil mess (not as bad as BP)

    This. Who called 911 ? Get some kitty litter in a store next door and clean it up. If I called 911 every time I spilled some oil in my garage, they'd build a station next to my house.
  14. Race Trailer Advice Needed, Please

    Not sure how your driveway looks but only thing I'd be concerned about is that someome will (or will try to ) steal the trailer. Enclosed trailers get stolen all the time. I have an airtag in my open one that is stored at the locked storage area.
  15. Race Trailer Advice Needed, Please

    WitoTX kinda said that but F150s and similar are really payload limited - not tow rating limited. They have 1,500-1,600 lbish of payload (especially with more fancy trims, moonroofs and stuff) - and that payload really limits your tongue weight (since that is _everything_ that is in the truck -...
  16. Race Trailer Advice Needed, Please

    Weight distribution hitch is something you should looking into right now if you look at F150 towing guide, anything towed above 5klb required WD hitch - of course they're playing it safe but with enclosed and heavy car in it, I'd definitely get it - I have one for my open trailer which is...
  17. Power Stop Z26 & RockAuto.

    Rock Auto is awesome. I have always had excellent experience with them.
  18. Pro Cup 2 Advice - Low Temp Driving

    I'll add because some of the posts are interesting... I have plenty of time driving from / to events in 200TW "racing" tires in just below freezing temps. As long as it's dry, they will be absolutely fine. Once they get little heat in from driving, they will grip well. Zero reason to be afraid...
  19. Pro Cup 2 Advice - Low Temp Driving

    Uhaul trailers are neat but car would almost certainly need additional ramps to go up the trailer and not damage the splitter / underbody. Beside - if OP has no experience with towing (Uhaul trailer have surge brakes) and no experience with loading car on the trailer, driving 100 miles on Sport...
  20. Read Maximum RPM from OBD2 or?

    If you are looking for a history, highly doubt it is being recorded and if it is - it's not easily accesible. Get an OBD2 reader with any kind of app that can do logging and re-do it.