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  1. GM Engineer about the 350 fpc.

    The different firing order doesn't help at all too considering literally every other V8 FPC car manufacturer engine in existence has the same firing order
  2. BREITLING, ROLEX, TUDOR, OMEGA, anybody into high end watches?

    Okay this may sound stupid but today I just realized that the buckle on the Tudor BB58 actually is supposed to be the shield logo 😆
  3. What you think of the new Mustang?

    Imo it looks very Cyberpunk and futuristic. Looks really cool. I've seen alot of people talk about the interior but what's funny is that the interior has always been bad in Mustangs. What Im most excited for is the Gen 4 Coyote, and reading about all of the changes done to it.
  4. Did GT350 values just get bolstered with the S650 reveal?

    I think it looks fine. I doubt it will drastically alter the GT350 values. The S550 refresh was pretty ugly and that didn't change anything.
  5. BREITLING, ROLEX, TUDOR, OMEGA, anybody into high end watches?

    Nah there's tons of people who will get it that don't really need it. Its just a gimmick and it marketing plays it off well. Its the same with vital features, that gives you your HR and O2 Saturation. What they really need is the ability to give a non invasive blood pressure reading. That...
  6. BREITLING, ROLEX, TUDOR, OMEGA, anybody into high end watches? Tudor announced a new Pleagos model. They are making it 39mm removed the date window. Personally the Pleagos didn't really interest me, the dial looked weird to me because it looked super flat, the new Pleagos...
  7. 2023 Honda Civic Type R

    Yes. Im trading in my daily (Scion tC for it)
  8. 2023 Honda Civic Type R

    The hp rating is more like 325ish if you use 91 octane. I think its great. Only 30 lbs heavier with an improved transmission which I'm hoping solved the 2nd gear grind issue, lighter flywheel, lighter wheels, and more width on the tires for grip. All of that on top of a huge improvent cooling...
  9. Weak battery or alternator?

    So when it would do the random glitch stuff I didn't really pay attention to the voltage. There was one time that it did happen regularly and I didn't see the voltage change drastically. Another problem I had too is that the infotainment screen would go black randomly and do this: I even had...
  10. Weak battery or alternator?

    Yeah there was also a really bad burning smell, kinda like burnt rubber, but it also give off the smell like I was burning the clutch, so that could be the heat you are talking about. I forget to mention this but it would only stall if I gave it some revs. When it would idle you would hear the...
  11. Weak battery or alternator?

    I had very similar problems. I would have systems shut down randomly. It was like an EMP hit my car it was super weird, and a few times I almost crashed because I couldn't turn my wheel when driving. Very scary. Eventually those random shutdowns stopped and then I had problems where the car...
  12. Weak battery or alternator?

    Not sure what soft codes are, I don't own a Forscan tool so I don't know. The ODB2 I got is the Innova 5014 scanner. Thought maybe I could see some data or something that would jump out at me but it showed that everything was fine. There were a few times that the dealership did tell me that...
  13. Weak battery or alternator?

    I wouldn't say this. I just had a bad alternator plaguing for my car for almost 2 years and it was the alternator underperforming and malfunctioning. I had no codes. I would randomly get the Charging System now error but it wouldn't stay on permanently, it would randomly pop up and and go away...
  14. 2023 Honda Civic Type R

    There's a good chance that with the next gen Civic it will be an AWD since it will most likely be a hybrid or an EV. I agree with the styling, I'm a huge fan of the subdued styling. It gives me vibes of the FD2 and the Accord Type R which I love. Honestly cannot wait to get it to replace my DD...
  15. Am I crazy? Considering selling my Heritage for a FP350S

    Doesn't seem crazy to me at all. You want a dedicated track car instead of molesting your special GT350 HEP. The fact that you are even considering a different car instead of just ruining your GT350 to allow another owner enjoy the fresh experience shows that you have some sense. Would always...
  16. 2023 Honda Civic Type R

    Its been crazy. New GT500s have been going for +$100k easily
  17. 2023 Honda Civic Type R

    Love it. Will be replacing this as my DD. Already got on the waitlist for dealerships. Cant wait to get one.
  18. Reverse Lockout no longer works.

    I have this problem too, although I dont think its as bad as yours. Mine is finicky, sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn't
  19. Need some help. My Mustang started making this really loud whining noise at idle and with revs. It then started stalling and gear grinding in neutral.

    **UPDATE** So I towed my car and they told me that it was the alternator. Hopefully that will solve all of my problems 😁 Just waiting to hear back when they install the part