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  1. Formula 1 talk.

    Binotto resigns as Ferrari team principal Not sure how I feel on this...kinda feel like he needed one more year....but Ferrari expects champions.
  2. Formula 1 talk.

    Yup, you just can't understand obviously what I am saying. The circuit is not hot then just as the game has not started on the football field when everyone is practicing before the game. You are intentionally being pedantic at this point. I think you might be my first ignore on here.
  3. Formula 1 talk.

    Gonna try one more time and then I will just /addignore. The driver is the ONLY one on the circuit...period. Just as the 11 players on a football team are the ONLY ones on the field during a game. Yes the ENTIRE team and staff make it all happen in their own efforts...but when the red lights...
  4. Formula 1 talk.

    I think you have not really read my past few posts...but if you have I guess we agree to disagree or I ignore your replies. 🤔
  5. Formula 1 talk.

    Might want to re-read my post...check out the bold and underlined part.
  6. Formula 1 talk.

    In football you have the luxury of 11 positions that can require a difference in athleticism and brain power....F1 only has one position in the car. :)
  7. Formula 1 talk.

    Obviously if you put Max or Lewis in a Williams they are not going to win the one denies this. Has been this way throughout F1 history. What they do have is that 1-3 tenths that makes the difference in winning a championship in a car capable of winning.
  8. Formula 1 talk.

    All you needed to see is how much it mattered in the interviews/team radio with Perez and LeClerc. If you came away with anything other than it matters a lot you were not paying attention.
  9. Formula 1 talk.

    So basically you typed a wall of text to say what we have already said. Max could have stayed away from darting into the corner and Lewis could have given him more space by also not going into the corner with as much speed. And the stewards obviously felt in this instance it was Max that...
  10. Formula 1 talk.

    What you don't get is you or I cannot comprehend what these guys know or do not know much less what these cars can do or not do. All you can be is forum poster with opinions like everyone else.
  11. Formula 1 talk.

    The brakes on these F1 cars are unreal...I think he also had that option. I've done my fair share of HPDE so I am well versed in these terms. What I and you have not done is reach the level these guys are at with the cars that they to speak with any confidence to the drivers or cars...
  12. Formula 1 talk.

    Again, no matter what you use to view the incident you will never be able to read the driver's mind to know if they were surprised to find another drive next to them or if they basically said F this guy I'm not moving. Another thing to remember is physics. These guys over/understeer in the...
  13. Formula 1 talk.

    It is hard to evaluate what is in a driver's mind in moments like these. Even though these guys are the best in the world, they are still human. All of this happens literally in milliseconds. We and the stewards then have the benefit of slow motion and camera angles. And then we all have to...
  14. Formula 1 talk.

    Why Max Verstappen had to be punished for Lewis Hamilton clash in F1's Brazilian GP
  15. Formula 1 talk.

    So your Lewis hate is noted. Again, I never said EVERY time...sigh. Yet the stewards gave Max the five second penalty. Guess they are in Mercedes pocket too. 😂
  16. Formula 1 talk.

    I did not say EVERY time...but even the largest Max fan can go back and see how many times Max dove into the corners and how many times Lewis did give ground.
  17. Formula 1 talk.

    Again, I am not arguing whether he lost fair and square...just that I know that *I* would not be over losing a championship that I felt I won....period.
  18. Formula 1 talk.

    I know I would not be over it...probably for the rest of my life. You are talking a world record 8 time championship...something that only comes along once.
  19. Formula 1 talk.

    It will be interesting to see how this plays out. Horner will need to do something to re-establish control....we may never know what it is. If it were me, I'd make sure Max has zero chance of being in contention the last race whatever that entails. What Max wants right now is to add to his...
  20. Formula 1 talk.

    And they are going to name the final corner after him.