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  2. UPR Products - Billet Oil Drain plug with magnet for 18-19 Mustang GT & 16-19 GT350 Oil pans

    Billet Aluminum with magnet drain plugs for the 18-19 Mustang GT & 16-19 GT350 from UPR Products. The factory plastic drain plug on the 18-19 Mustang GT & 16-19 GT350, are prone to breaking now you can replace it with this billet drain plug from UPR. Billet construction and designed to work...
  3. Anderson Composites New S550 bumper, fenders and hood at SEMA 2018

    Like I said on IG.. Love this look! Great work guys
  4. UPR Catch Can Owners share your installs here.

    The breather kit does not connect like that. A breather is just that, a breather. Both valve covers will tie into eachother and vent it. You will cap the manifold off using a 5/8 cap. The intake tube will be capped off as well. I have attached photoes on how it connects.
  5. 13-14 ROUSH rear bumper side splitters on the s550

    For the guys looking to run a complete splitter around the car, we went ahead and adapted the ROUSH 13-14 rear side splitters onto the s550 rear bumper. It was never designed for the s550 bumper so don't think its a slap-on and go. You will have to drill some holes and use some self tapers along...

    I'm sorry you are having trouble and assume it's just a marketing pitch. I did explain above the 4-chamber we use in our cans along with the lines, checkvalve, and routing. I did also mention they do not return it into the motor. With the flow direction we use, its impossible to do this nor...
  7. long tube headers for the 18+

    We have been using the LTH Brand (Long Tube Headers) on our cars and my own and I couldn't be happier with them. They fit really nice and not one issue ever, American made, welded, and designed, Their finish on them is pretty legit and doesn't discolor. A very different sound. Done them on stock...

    The only changes our cans go through is being able to unscrew the can's body as well as a drain valve on the bottom or hose end fittings. The 4 chamber filteation we use is our PATENT design which has been around for almost 3 years now. The changes we make are to help the end user with...

    UPR Billet IRS Differential Bushing Insert Kit for 2015-2018 Mustangs. 4 piece CNC Billet kit eliminates the movement the factory rubber bushings. The stock rubber bushings have voids to allow the differential to move around which translates to wheel hop under hard acceleration. By filling these...
  10. 2018 Mustang GT One-Way Breather Valves

    Unfortually, I cannot confirm if it will fit the older trucks like that. This was a new cap Ford released on the 18s.
  11. 2018 Mustang GT One-Way Breather Valves

    No sir. This works with a closed PCV system. This will not stop oil from getting by under vacuum or at WOT. But if it see's to much crankcase pressure, it will release it. None taken:cheers:
  12. Warranty and a Catch Can?

    The biggest thing that is overlooked a lot is. The PCV system does not have a built in filter. No motors do. A baffle screen maybe but not an actual filter. Under RPM and it's lcoation while in vacuum. Oil is going to get by it regardless. It's splashing on by. And in boost, the faulty spring...
  13. Warranty and a Catch Can?

    This is not true in any way. You are not lubricating anything other than manifold with oil getting into the runners and back down into to wells which is NOT something that is combustable. now you are adding more to gunk of the valves, kill octane and cause pinging. Seating rings is based on...
  14. 2018 Mustang GT One-Way Breather Valves

    Been shipping a bunch out already.
  15. 2018 Mustang GT One-Way Breather Valves

    NEW FOR THE 2018 MUSTANG GT This replaces your factory cap and filler neck (do not discard) and keeps the system sealed unless it see's a pressure build-up which then it releases Eliminate Crankcase Pressure Brand new UPR Billet One-Way Crankcase Breather Kit. This is a direct...
  16. PP2 vs. Lund Tune - how much am I leaving on the table?

    You are going to see a much better power curve in the middle rpm range with a Lund tune. Even on pump, its going to have a ifference. And he isn't going to tune it for just WOT. You are going to get a good all around driving car with a Lund tune. You will not regret it.
  17. Lund vs Livernois

    Lund tuned my 15 and now 18. Flex Fuel, e85, ect. All runs awesome and never any issues. heck my manual 18 with the MAK delete pipe, FlexFuel tune and a K&n drop-in filter made 475rwhp. Not even a dyno tune. Just a mail order from Jr and dynoed it. This is also why we offer Lund tunes through...
  18. KONA BLUE S550 MUSTANG Thread

    My ROUSH inspired 2018