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  1. Black Friday SALES CONTINUED here at Lethal Performance!!

    You guys check your website email?
  2. PBD Saying they can’t tune due to injectors

    Um, yea. You’re going to need bigger injectors. Aren’t stock injectors 34s?
  3. Beware of Lund

    That’s disappointing to hear. Post up if you change tuners and what your results and process was like. What’s your combo?
  4. Off Idle Hesitation Stumble

    great idea! No. I never did. I’ll try that in the spring though!
  5. Off Idle Hesitation Stumble

    Right off idle. Car has not started to move yet. Like a delay box lol. Only sometimes though…. Pedal position and mph are beside each other in the log and you can see the pedal move but no change in speed for this period.
  6. Off Idle Hesitation Stumble

    Ok. Only have a sec... Looking at one of the logs for the off idle stumble. Typically how long should it take the car to react after stepping on the gas to moving? I see where pedal % goes from 0 to a positive number (when I step on the gas) and then the VS in MPH doesn't move for 0.4...
  7. Off Idle Hesitation Stumble

    Now that the car is away for the winter, I have a little time lol. This is a clip from the log that shows a misfire I believe. I just saw this now, the jump in the AFRs comes at the exact time the torque source 7 goes to 0. So with that said, did the torque source ending cause the misfire or...
  8. Maryland ‘15-17 AWE Touring exhaust

    Free bump for the sweetest sounding exhaust out there!!!
  9. Flyin' Miata Co. ceases all V8 swaps

    That stinks! I’ve been in one of the Flying Miata’s and that was a complete blast! see, I don’t quite get it. The hobby world and people who do these sorts of things is such an incredibly small percentage overall compared to John Q Public. Tuning cars for example, what do you think the...
  10. Cobra Jet II Vacuum Leak

    Sorry. My bad. Just saw your codes. So a purge code and misfire codes… Did you put the purge valve back on correctly and plug the connector back in? Check for a bent pin.Pull it off and check the o-ring on it. As K4XD said, check the hoses and use clamps as necessary.
  11. Cobra Jet II Vacuum Leak

    Yes. I’ve also seen people put a little tear in the injector o-rings when installing and not using enough lube and forcing them in. I’ve also seen people where the intake o-ring (rectangle lol) comes out a little and kind of gets folded under and doesn’t seal. How do you know you have a vacuum...
  12. Cobra Jet II Vacuum Leak

    Smoke test… maybe all the hoses are fine and leaking at injectors or runner o-rings?
  13. Misfire codes (P0308, P0306, P0300) on a stock gen2 coyote with 60k miles

    Thought you were having misfires on decel / falling rpm?
  14. Misfire codes (P0308, P0306, P0300) on a stock gen2 coyote with 60k miles

    OBD Link app. What OBD adapter are you using? Is this on iPhone or Android? Can you do logs as well? I've been wanting to do something like this as well. Currently using FORScan on my laptop and it's not real easy to do logs etc for mode 6 data. What's your set up? Thanks.
  15. Misfire Counts On All Cylinders

    I hear you. That's what I ended up doing the last month and a half. I've been holding off putting the car away for the winter as the weather has been nice. My plan is to start earlier in the spring before I take it out and maybe start throwing parts at it, It's bad enough that even my...
  16. ESS Centrifugal Mustang Superchargers

    @Mach1kh "Only other issue is my car now hesitates sometimes to start when warm and/or I just filled up gas; I need to hold the throttle at 1400rpm for about 5 seconds to get the car to stay on." That describes a faulty evap purge valve. Should be doing this on both tunes though, if that was...
  17. Strategies to keep cats from melting

    Yes. Wow! Does loom a lot thinker. Would the square design also be inherently stronger than a hex design? How many miles roughly on both these?
  18. Would a 20X8 squared setup be ok on a 2020 GT Vert?

    Factory 20" foundry wheels come with 265-35 / 20 on them...