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  1. Procharged Mustang Issues

    Do you have a BAP? Fuel system may not be adequate for e85 especially in cold weather. Also how was your car tuned? You dont have a tuning device to datalog?
  2. PBD Saying they can’t tune due to injectors

    Get atleast id1050x or fic1000's IMO.
  3. Puddle On Garage Floor - Redish Brown

    Smell it, if it smells sweet its trans fluid. Thats what my trans fluid leak looked like. Mine was caused by some bushing failing in my catalytic converter.
  4. Weird Fuel Issue

    Could be cam phasers. When my cam phasers were bad my idle would go rough and I would stall occasionally while at a redlight with no codes etc.
  5. Spend more $$$ on Full Synthetic or use Blend?

    Amsoil signature series for me, with 2 bottles of ceratec every time. Change when the OLM tells me to, (~3k miles since I drive insane) Good to go for 17k miles at 800 rwhp, on e50. Even have done some high speed 195 mph runs. I check the oil level every 500 miles and add some to keep it topped.
  6. Lean at WOT

    Has the car sat with e85 in the lines for some period of time? You could try some redline fuel system cleaner to maybe clean the injectors if they got gunked up after sitting for a while.
  7. Highest mileage 18-19

    58k on my 2018 Whippled GT . Whippled for 18k miles
  8. Wobbling Issue

    I had this when my rear axle thrust washers were broken. But I did have a clunking when switching from drive to reverse.
  9. Well, at the ripe age of 30, I had my first accident

    Did you have tcs and advancetrac on? I guess they may not be fully effective in these conditions.
  10. Need a new trans

    T56 magnum if you can. Much better.
  11. Brembo 15" on the rear

    What pads are you using? Id think that would be the main cause of fade.
  12. Brembo 15" on the rear

    Also the added weight will rob some HP. IMO get some baer eradispeed+ rotors and call it a day.
  13. Power Stop Z26 & RockAuto.

    I got mine on amazon, 1 day free shipping
  14. Fuel Pump "Grinding" Noise After BAP Install

    Been running the dw400 and vortech constant BAP for 15 months about 17,000 miles. The shop that installed the DW400 did say they break and then repair a corrugated line on the dw400 for some reason, guess they know some trick. Its PBD tuned and install was rarefab.
  15. Powerstop z26 vs Hawk performance ceramic for street, my review

    I didnt bed mine, did you put the grease on the back of the pads? I just did my normal driving which is not normal driving braked down from like 150 a few times how I usually do. All good and no noise.
  16. Fuel Pump "Grinding" Noise After BAP Install

    Get a new dw400 imo. Mines been great at 770 rwhp on e50. Was on e85 but in cold weather it was losing pressure. Should be fine up to like 820 on e50.
  17. Powerstop z26 vs Hawk performance ceramic for street, my review

    Just fronts for now, ill do the rears when my OEM wear out. I also have baer eradispeed drilled and slotted rotors on all 4 corners. with the OEM brembo calipers.
  18. Powerstop z26 vs Hawk performance ceramic for street, my review

    Powerstop are better in every way. Hawk squealed more, dusted more and overall didnt last long. Z26 are practically silent, less dust, much better bite. I had to adjust my braking pressure after switching to the powerstop z26 because they bite harder. So in my opinion z26 are far superior...

    You can, but official drag strip rules say you need metal valve stems I believe.
  20. Read Maximum RPM from OBD2 or?

    I'e hit over 8400 rpm a few times on accident, no problems. Stock opg too. I shift at 8k every day.