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  1. Help Removing Surface Scratches By Hand

    Had a few black diesel hd trucks and meguires ultimate compound was my scratch removal go to. It is very mild. If you can catch these with a fingernail they are likely too deep for it - and likely through the clear.
  2. Just found a pretty big quality control issue on my brand new vehicle. How to fix?

    I’d bet that blue fabric was from a nylon tie down strap used in transport. Dealer should fix it or order a new splitter.
  3. The "run" part of a hit and run.

    Don’t know about your area but there is so little enforcement here I suspect about 30 % have no license , insurance etc. running is becoming sop.
  4. Creepy copper

    Some do 24/7 and cloud connected. That all adds $$ with external battery needed and data connection costs. I'd say most are not either.
  5. Creepy copper

    They are cheap and not a big resale market for them imo. I’ve had one in each car parked outside and no problem. For the garmin you can disable speed recording but leave location on. The mini2 in the mustang is pretty discreet and has updates with red light cam and speed cam database. Also run...
  6. Pre-collision alert went off, nothing there

    For what it’s worth I have these systems on several cars from other makes and the mustangs implementation is the LEAST intrusive by far (I hardly hear a peep but once in a long while). I think fords implementation is first rate and would have me return to the brand.
  7. Pre-collision alert went off, nothing there

    And how many drivers (professionals with far more seat time experience than you) fall asleep at the wheel ? These are the same arguments made about seat belts , air bags, stability control, cell phone and drunk driving laws. Some drivers require mandates and some don’t. Cars without safety...
  8. Pre-collision alert went off, nothing there

    And the people who are killed in the on coming lane and their family and yours.
  9. Shock tower brace on convertibles...

    All the vents need all the bracing they can get. Nature of the beast.
  10. Pre facelift vs facelift S550

    The 18 plus looks very different with various trims. I think the mach1 and bullit are the best looking modern mustangs (yes including the 24 dark horse and the preface lift s550). Both are stunning coupes. For verts gt/cs first then the eb pp or coastal. The gt500 and 350 are gorgeous as well.
  11. What you think of the new Mustang?

    Way more charger than camaro on the front imo. Charger is a good looking sedan but not coupe. I appreciate ford making me appreciate my 2021 for hp and looks. The vert at the show is nothing I’d buy.
  12. What you think of the new Mustang?

    First reaction was it’s ok. Nothing there to force an upgrade for me.
  13. Return to digital speedo?

    I change exhaust with the mode toggle in the centre stack- up twice for sport plus. Quick and can be done when you are driving pretty easily. I warn my wife "going to mustang mode".
  14. Fabric Protector for Fabric Convertible Tops

    I'm a self service wash user. Quick low pressure soap and then rinse on the top. Then every month use the 303 fabric guard but only apply to a dry top.
  15. Tiny door dings

    Pointless, HA! I'll have to tell Bill my pdr guy that one. Autocorrect strikes again. After my paying for his kids braces over the years the point seems to be soothing my ocd. If only parking far away was enough to stop it.
  16. Tiny door dings

    My dad was the same. I remember copper pipe being used under the hood of the family’s ford maverick (car then). Doing your own pdr is like doing your own dentistry. Likely will hurt and still leave a mark. Good pdr is worth every cent. Glue pop is the latest technique for those dings that can’t...
  17. 7th gen Mustang S650 previews from chazcron! [updated with 3D models and modded versions]

    Boxy and upright like
  18. Tips on how to control yourself when people try to race you?

    From what I’m told trucks are the new penal compensation device. Certainly see that stupid behaviour regularly. I have no secret to not escalating aggression other than some track mode exhaust notes to soothe my brain. It’s fun going slow listening to the coyote sing. I even get crotch rockets...
  19. Just about ready to throw in the towel.

    The fiat spyder 124 has a fiat engine in a Mazda miata body and chassis and I believe is no longer made. The mx5 miata is 100% Mazda and super reliable and fun. Also one of the smallest cars on the road. Very different from a mustang but a good choice if the space compromise is do able. It...