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  1. 20-22 GT500 Indoor Car Cover. Silver w/ Blue Logo

    ……. Wish it fit the cftp. Glws.
  2. Drive’em Boys and Girls

    Without a doubt these tires dont care for lower temps. Luckily around here even when its cold and the sun is out, the road temps are pretty good. No way I’d drive on these if it was cold and wet. Completely agree with driving these cars when the opportunity is there!
  3. Opinions from motorcycle owners

    Like many here I’ve been riding almost my whole life. I did stop a few years back when my twin boys were born. Agreement I made with my wife. I’ve always had sport bikes, first was 85 Gsxr750 brought in to the US from Canada, and my last was an Aprilia Tuono V4. I’m going to go a different...
  4. I'm back.

    Thanks. Online is about half the local dealers as cost goes around here. As long as its under the bumper to bumper warranty inspections aren’t necessary either. Getting one in that time frame is cheaper as well.
  5. New 2022 GT500 CFTP for Sale - California (+$10k)

    Most people buying these cars are in higher tax brackets. There fully aware of the various ways to make money work for them and not looking for financial or life advice. They understand supply and demand and the costs associated with it. For whatever reason more times then not its someone with a...
  6. New Mexico McLeod Rxt Clutch

    Was in my fi’d 2020 Gt350. Car had a total of 2700 miles. I put the car completely back to stock to sell it because I bought a HE 500 Cftp and couldn’t keep three of these cars.
  7. I'm back.

    Not to derail the op’s thread. How does the hundred over compare to the dealers pricing online that seems pretty good.
  8. New 2022 GT500 CFTP for Sale - California (+$10k)

    Good post. I’m of the same mindset.
  9. I'm back.

    Not a bad early Xmas present to yourself. Very nice. :turkey:
  10. Super Snake

    Well said. Completely agree. Your car is what I thought of when the op posted this thread. Very nice.
  11. Supercharged GT350 Makes Insane Power on the Dyno

    Toyhauler. The UV at our elevation, 6000ft, is brutal on stuff that sits outside. And I admit I’m kind of an ocd arse keeping stuff like new. :headbang:
  12. New 2022 GT500 CFTP for Sale - California (+$10k)

    We’ll see. I don’t have a dog in it either I just don’t believe there predictions. Rates are an issue but haven’t had the affect there looking for, thus the Fed keep raising the rate. House inventory is still low here and there still selling without an issue. I do a lot of business with my...
  13. Supercharged GT350 Makes Insane Power on the Dyno

    Nope. Loved it. But I decided to buy a HE 500 Cftp to go with my HE R. I just didn’t have the room to keep it. First world problem I know. It was the prettiest car I’ve ever owned hands down.
  14. Super Snake

    I didn’t realize that was based on a Gt, but should have. I was thinking of Jmeo’s 500 that was done. That would be a hard pass with a Gt as the base car.
  15. New 2022 GT500 CFTP for Sale - California (+$10k)

    This has been said for years at this point. Not going to happen any time soon. Especially with these cars. They’ll gladly sit on them. On a 20-25 mil flooring line one or two halo cars at 100k each makes zero difference. Random, I counted six new superdutys and three denali 2500’s on my way home...
  16. New 2022 GT500 CFTP for Sale - California (+$10k)

    Don’t want to pay it, don’t buy it. Simple enough. Or try negotiating it down.:ontheloo:
  17. Supercharged GT350 Makes Insane Power on the Dyno

    I did. Kit is for sale .
  18. Car Repos on the Rise

    Your so clueless it isn’t even funny. Just another troll that pops in here from time to time. On ignore you go.
  19. Super Snake

    Some really like them. There’s a few members that have them. I prefer these cars with the oem body’s, think Ford did a great job on the styling. I’ve always been curious how the wide body’s actually drive and handle compared to stock. If it hurts the original balance these cars are known for...