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  1. Thoughts on this 2020 non-R

    I would pass on this one, looks like it has not been taken care of real well. Its actually kind of rough. Is that the original engine, I am not able to see the builders plaque? I am sure you can find one in better overall condition with less miles for about the same money if your patient. Good...
  2. Pulling the Exhaust Valve Fuse - Works perfect!

    Great mod, are the valves open anymore or less when in track or sport mode?
  3. Stumbles at idle

    I am thinking this may be normal, but gonna ask. So my car will stumble a bit sometimes after first starting it, only at idle and the car is warm. Never does this while underway and does not do this again if I come to a stop and idle. It has never died and no check engine lights. 100 percent...
  4. New owner - engine failure

    Any updates? Just hang in there and I am sure it will get resolved in a positive way.
  5. New owner - engine failure

    Hopefully its just one of the TSB memos.
  6. Was this anyone’s stolen Shelby?

    Happy ending, need more like that.
  7. Latest report: Ford has scrapped Mustang AWD and Hybrid

    I agree, and I live in CA and today they are telling us to not charge our electric cars. The grid cannot do it, this aint gonna happen. Hybrids probably, all ev, never in my lifetime.
  8. Seafoam or Stabil in Shelby GT 350?

    Nice car collection and love that garage. Very Jealous.
  9. Seafoam or Stabil in Shelby GT 350?

    I have had gas go bad in my bikes in 30 days. Stabil works and there are plenty of tests and magazine reviews to prove it. Question is, do you really need it. Here in CA we do. Stabil is cheap insurance, does not cost much and it works. You maybe can find pure gas, but thats expensive. I...
  10. UPR drain plug

    Well I called and left a message for them last friday, lets see how it goes.
  11. Jacking rail?

    I sure love mine.
  12. UPR drain plug

    What happened to the thread where we were sharing about our issues with UPR drain plug? UPR puts up a post defending their plug and our thread gets deleted? I sure hope I am wrong.
  13. UPR Drain Valve and Drain Plug Updates

    Thanks for the video, only problem is like I posted in the 350 section and like others have is as follows. Mine does not remove like what the video shows. The tangs do not want to release and they start to dig into the pan. Then I have to slightly bend them back so I can remove the plug...
  14. What did you do to your GT350 today?

    Any idea where I can find that video? Thanks
  15. The Mustang is the last man standing.....again

    Still do not see how we can go all EV. I am in Ca and we dont have charging stations everywhere. What we do have is rolling black outs in the summer, high electric bills, aging and overloaded electric grids that already cannot keep up with current demand, much less the coming EV demand. I am...
  16. Best Rubber Remover After a Track Day - PSA

    Awesome, thanks.
  17. Best Rubber Remover After a Track Day - PSA

    My car has xpel on it and I noticed what looks like black smears in it on the front, mainly on the lower parts of the car. I am guessing melted rubber? I cannot feel anything when I tried to rub it off, it appears to be embedded. Is that what we are saying this cleaner will remove? Thanks.
  18. Piston Slap Poll

    2020 and no slap or oil burn.
  19. FL 2087 update (interesting information)

    I got one the other day from Tasca. I only ordered one, I dont want to abuse it so others can get one also.