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  1. Performance Intake (CAIs, etc) Debate

    I run a non-oem air intake, primary because I want to use the area where the factory intake is located for cooling of my Intercooler, oil cooler and radiator. And it seems to work, all the temperatures I monitor are within spec at 1320 feet, where before I was heat soaking at 1000 feet and could...
  2. Catted Down Pipe Tunes

    I'm also old school and when I purchased my 1st Mustang, I immediately went out and got a set of headers! So I'm not surprised the downpipe and exhaust, plus blow off valves are popular. Over on mustang ecoboost net, we're chatted about the topic and pretty much agree that the Intercooler is the...
  3. Ecobust Analysis

    To my knowledge, the AccessPort does not have any provisions for additional sensors. But, I 'm sure someone out there, maybe an engineer or control tech, can figure it out!?
  4. Ecobust Analysis

    Correct. When I was running an OTS Cobb tune, I hit 25+ plus.
  5. Ecobust Analysis

    100% correct! Between LSPI (low speed pre-ignition) and exhaust reversion, due to head and turbine design... My motor is doomed to detonate. Some information, shared by BD is the max boost of the Ford Performance tune. 24 lbs and that's my cut off. My motor is actually "de-tuned", not to exceed...
  6. Ecobust Analysis

    You guys have me beat!! I'm just a righty tighty, lefty loosey type of guy who puts it all on the line, every time I pull into the staging lanes...
  7. Ecobust Analysis

    The PSI to PSI monitoring system is fairly simple. The EMAP to MAP system is a little more complicated, your have to locate a read/record only circuit within your ECU and then make tuning adjustments to achieve your desired ratio, based on your risk level.
  8. Ecobust Analysis

    Your right! It takes time and data for our ECUs to figure out, that the condition exists and then more time to make the nessary adjustments to prevent exhaust reversion, which can lead to engine damage. Racers, builders and tuners running non USA engineered DITC cars from around the world have...
  9. Ecobust Analysis

    I've seen it done 2 different ways, psi to psi and EMAP to MAP. What's most important to me is being able to record the information onto my data logger. And someone smarter than me is going to have to figure that out!
  10. Ecobust Analysis

    You make some good points! Especially concerning air fuel mixture. Exhaust back pressure will affect your AFR, as well as your fuel trims. Your ECU may interpret received data to indicate rich conditions, when you're actually running lean. Our ECUs will make the nessary corrections, but it...
  11. Ecobust Analysis

    I'm planning on running the Precision "drop in" Turbocharger next season. I'm hoping for a ratio of 1 to 1.5, but don't really know what to expect!?? PS: And it will be equipped with an Exhaust Manifold Absolute Pressure gauge.
  12. Ecobust Analysis

    A better flowing head is a big plus for any build. But one of our big issues, lays in the A/R of our turbine housing. I also don't like the integrated head, but I don't have much choice, with a limited racing budget.
  13. Ecobust Analysis

    A 2 to 1 EMAP to MAP (not EMAP to Boost) ratio is acceptable for most non performance turbocharged street cars. Here's a YouTube video that explains my statement.
  14. 2.1 Second 60 ft. Time

    My 1/4 mile ET is a full second slower than yours. But my 60' is 3/10 quicker. Off the line I have zero wheel spin and no wheel hope. I agree and recommend, a good set of drag radials and plenty of seat time! Enjoy, be safe.
  15. Illinois WTB OEM 2018-2021 CONVERTER

    Have you been able to locate a stock OEM torque converter? What type of torque converter do you have in your car now?
  16. Car's engine shuts off on neutral (2015 Ecoboost) Throttle Body?

    You can find some wiring diagrams at Ecoboost Mustang . net
  17. 17” Wheels for an S550 GT

    Only information I have a the topic is from a YouTube video, where a guy installed GT brakes on his Ecoboost Mustang and then reinstalled his factory 17" wheels. Video was posted a few years back, but it may help to answer your questions.
  18. Ecobust Analysis

    Glad to see someone else is just as curious! I have a thread on another site with some interesting feedback!
  19. Almost FBO WHP?

    Wallace Racing has some online HP calculators.