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  1. Supercharged GT350 Makes Insane Power on the Dyno

    Totally agree 100% drivable and fair est. On mileage too
  2. Supercharged GT350 Makes Insane Power on the Dyno

    Just a quick note, installed a Whipple stage 2 with 617mi on her now have over 10000mi with zero issues
  3. Relocating to snow country???

    It's all up to the person! I live in upstate NY and car sits from November to late April, may. It always hurts at first to put it away, but on the flip side it's always a blast when taking it out in the spring! As you know they are a real pleasure to cruze! Even with the short window of time I...
  4. What did you do to your GT350 today?

    That's awesome build!!!! My question is that the 20ft trailer? Also how do you like it? Been on the fence about buying cuz that's some seriously coin for a trailer
  5. What did you do to your GT350 today?

    Your going to love the improvement over stock!
  6. Show me your stripes!

    Painted on tuxedo black with Ford performance blue accent
  7. Drive without TPMS? You could lose your car

    Unfortunately that's very common, I had that happen to me a few years back on a different car.
  8. What did you do to your GT350 today?

    Agreed the dealership screwed me and didn't install the upper screws and first hard pull it fell partially off and ground itself to pieces along with giving me a heartattack. Also broke some of the mounting points on the underbelly. They reused to take ownership over the mistake and cost me...
  9. Tuner advise

    Hey guys, was wondering if anyone here has had any first hand experience with a shop called mustang magic? They are located on long Island. Or any thoughts/recommendations of a tune shop located around the Albany area?
  10. Tuning references

    Hey guys looking for a little advice on a tuning shop. I found mustang magic in long Island NY and was curious if any of you have ever had them do any tuning. I'm located near Albany NY and looking for some place to go without traveling across country.
  11. Tuning shop

    Was wondering if any of you have heard or used mustang magic for any dyno/tuning work? They are located in long Island NY. Looking for a place where I could take my car. I'm located in near Albany NY. Any info on them or someone else would be appreciated
  12. Trailer advice

    Hey people, just wondering what trailer anyone is using for there 350's? Found out that it will not work on standard trailers especially with the splitter
  13. Installing gt500 hood on gt350

    I found it easier to add the material to the hood since I had to add to the sides anyway. Ended up having to cut fenders to get arch right anyway! Lol was trying to minimize the work so I thought!
  14. Hood Corrosion Nightmare

    The shop is 100% correct that its hard to match color without blending. I found out on my '19 magnetic grey j7 color. There was 15 different tints available for this color. Used 2 different spectrum analyzers to try to narrow it down. Even tried different paint companies to see if there was less...
  15. Have you had PPF applied, and how much did it run you? (NJ)

    Could i have the name and address of shop when you get a chance. Been wanting to get it done, haven't known anybody who has had it done and im not far from Albany
  16. What did you do to your GT350 today?

    Looks great! Please let us know what ypi think after ypu log some time on that setup!
  17. Forscan abilities

    Thanks for the info! This is the only issue I have with it, everytime switching back to sport mode and shutting off the electric nanny's!
  18. Forscan abilities

    Thanks I'll look into that
  19. Forscan abilities

    Was wondering if I could use forscan to stop the factory reset on traction control and exhaust valve operating everytime you shut car off? Thanks