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  1. Some dyno fun….P1x Gen 2 and On3 single Gen 3.

    A dud by common 2022 standards but I felt like getting some good logs after putting the Fore Rails and before putting on the 1300x injectors. Smooth as butter on both pulls. Made 798 on first pull and 815 on the 2nd. Meth was on on the 2nd but I am not 100% sure it turned on. Boost on pic below...
  2. Procharger P1X new PB..

    Been a minute but have an update. Went out for the first time this winter to a test and tune night. Got one pass, but that’s all it needed to get a new personal best. Will add a video later on. DA was +300ft. Car is still a… P1x stock motor car (4.0 upper pulley) built 6r80 with 2c converter...
  3. Florida FS: Steeda 5558242 springs for magnaride GT350

    Selling these springs never installed. $230 shipped
  4. Mak Performance Inlet vs Turbo Guard test *with results*

    A lot of people often pick the simplistic look of the turbo guard and the perception that it’s more open and flow friendly than an inlet. The team over at Mak Performance and @AdrianMAK recently released their new larger hurricane inlet for Procharger systems so I got my hands on one to get some...
  5. New personal best with Procharger P1X

    Took the car to the local test n tune and although only got 2 it runs it managed to get me a new best. Weather was decent for south Florida but could be better. Next up is likely gonna be getting the transbrake on to hopefully drop the 60ff some. Procharger P1x/4.0 combo Gt350 manifold 245mm 2c...
  6. FS: DW95 (1000cc) injectors

    Used DW95lb injectors. Would fit as is on Whipple cars with Whipple rails or other setups using aftermarket rails. Needs 12mm caps for use on stock rails which can be found online. $460 shipped SOLD
  7. Florida FS: FIC1000H injectors

    About 8months of use. Good for coyote and gt350s. Have FIC’s original flow sheet. $525 shipped and fees. Feel free to PM.
  8. Methanol users: talk to me about nozzle choice

    A lot of times south Florida won’t cooperate with the weather I need. Figured if i can’t have cold air naturally I’ll force it with some Methanol. Car is a P1sc on E85 and system will be triggered with a Hobbs switch at around 4-5psi. Looking just enough methanol to cool the charge but not throw...
  9. GT FS: BMR (TCA045) vertical links

    I have a set of BMR vertical links with spherical bearings on both sides. Good shape. These have 4-5k miles of street use on them. Ready to ship. $150 shipped including PP fees.
  10. Lets talk Ethanol fuels

    So, Ive had a couple guys ask why I dont use or try Ignite red or some other form of race E85 like C85 or E85R. Figured Ill ask to see what experiences you guys have had. Car is currently tuned by Lund on E85, sees 21.8* up top and Im happy with it. I have a gas station I can consistently get...
  11. Testing out new setup...1/4 mile Procharged 2015 A6

    Weather- 92+*F, humid, +3000 DA, no shade in which to cool the cars. 2hr drive to track. Let cars sit to cool for a little over an hour and still every temp parameter was over 180*F, blower was basically a grill to the touch. Made 3 passes, car was very consistent and felt like I got a good...
  12. Stage 2 P1sc now with E85..dyno.

    Got my Fore system on about 2 months ago, took a couple street pulls to get it dialed in. System is dual 465s, FC3 controller, wire upgrade, -8 supply and return PTFE lines. Took it to the dyno to make sure all is well and was pleased with results. Mods at time of dyno (just shy of 90* that...
  13. Another new best! 10.0s at 137

    Someone tell this blower it’s not as big as it thinks it is. The car just won’t stop surprising me. Drives 2hrs to and from track, full premium interior, some tools and gas in trunk. P1sc 4.5 pulley Gt350 manifold catless longtubes 2.5” exhaust with magnaflow tru-x Mak 4” blower inlet Lund...
  14. P1sc keeps making small strides! New PB

    I’ve started the 2018 winter on the right foot. First and only pass at +500DA (65*F and 80% humidity) on 93+torco tune. Stock converter on the baby Procharger. New PB, Best mph, best 1/8 ET, best 1/8th mph. Has a shelby manifold, catless LTs, Mak inlet as other power mods. Still full premium...
  15. ET fronts or Moroso DS2 in front of auto S550??

    Wondering if any of you guys have tried using an ET front or Moroso DS2 tire in the front vs a MT sportmans tire. I currently have 28" sportmans on my 17x4.5 F14s. The advantage of going to one of the 2 above would be gaining (or dropping) 10lbs per front corner. Just wondering, lets hear your...
  16. GT WTB: Procharger 8RIB 4.38 pulley

    As title states. Prepping for future mods, looking for 4.38 pulley.
  17. BMR camber links, which ones??

    Im looking for some camber links to not only set my camber to 0 on the back (currently -1.2ish) but also minimize deflection while launching the car (auto, centri). Any preference between UTCA057 and 064? Does 064 have more NVH? Thanks for input. @BMR Suspension ?
  18. Solarflare’s *better late than never* build thread

    Wanted to start this thread because I would like to have as many pics as possible in case I were to lose my phone. I’ll try to update it daily as I gather pics.. August 2015. I purchased this comp orange premium 2015 GT in automatic..