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  1. Automatic shifting really harshly in Sport mode

    Too bad you need a freaking lift to check the trans fluid. I have no idea what my level is. Is there a trick to reach it on the ground?
  2. Beware of Lund

    Have them battle to the death and then give a thumbs up or thumbs down.
  3. Automatic shifting really harshly in Sport mode

    Mine was harsh when I first got the car like really harsh. It got better around 750 miles but I had been driving in sport mode for a few hundred miles at that point. Took it to the dealer at 500 miles because I had a piece of plastic flapping on the driveshaft and they said it was normal and to...
  4. Beware of Lund

    I would pay to listen to that call. It's kind of like old engineers from two different companies "discussing" what the actual specification is and then the tape measure breaks out with "Well I've done it this way for 35 years"
  5. Dark Horse S650 Mustang spotted in Blue

    Reminds me of the Jeep Wranglers with black plastic fenders after a few years
  6. My car hasn't been built yet.

    You mean rental car silver? :wink:
  7. I Hate Microsoft

    Apple does the same thing anyway they just word things to sound like they don't. When you tell an app not to track and not to use your data on iphone, apple ignores that for their apps. Apple is no better than microsoft and microsoft is no better than apple. Just remember every app you have on...
  8. I Hate Microsoft

    Be careful the last guy got permanently banned without warning.
  9. I Hate Microsoft

    The first problem is that you use edge after it went chromium. Just use chrome at that point. The second problem is that you are still using edge. Just poking at you haha
  10. Puddle On Garage Floor - Redish Brown

    But in all honesty, it looks more like coolant to me than oil. The way it disperses over the concrete like that in a thin film seems more indicitive to water than transmission fluid. Trans fluid would pool together with a thicker layer due to the higher viscosity, that's my guess at least. Give...
  11. Puddle On Garage Floor - Redish Brown

    Thats the ATF, they are there to inquire about your firearms
  12. The "run" part of a hit and run.

    Most likely doesn't pay enough to be worth OP's time lol
  13. Just found a pretty big quality control issue on my brand new vehicle. How to fix?

    An automatic car wash on brand new cars!? That's horrifying
  14. Unfortunate Tuesday with my Mach 1 - engine oil mess (not as bad as BP)

    I don't get what you have stuffed up but why wouldn't OP post this on a Mustang forum? Isn't a forum for discussion? You should learn to just enjoy life a bit and stop taking everything so serious and as a chance to lecture someone. Your opinion is irrelevant and you should just think about...
  15. Unfortunate Tuesday with my Mach 1 - engine oil mess (not as bad as BP)

    You act like calling 911 for a non-emergency is a cardinal sin. Most of the time they just direct you to the right place if that's now what they handle, relax.
  16. 22 S550 Tracking Thread

    Congrats! I'm glad you finally got something. I had my fingers crossed that you wouldn't go back to the bowtie side, sorry you had so many hurdles but these cars are so sweet! If you like loud, put the back seats down. I've had mine like that for a week now and it sounds so much better in the...
  17. Steeda E85 tune Dyno results

    That seems very low for E85 tune. Did you drive around a good amount before loading the tune and dynoing the car? I know some tunes need to learn first or you will get a really low reading.
  18. So my area of the state now has troopers in s550's

    They always act like they have something extra under the hood when in reality its probably just a base model.
  19. So my area of the state now has troopers in s550's

    There's some that are undercover in san antonio, no visible lights that they use for highway patrol.
  20. Well, at the ripe age of 30, I had my first accident

    Dash cams are the cheapest form of insurance. I have a front and rear on mine.