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  1. Congrats @ToyCobra 7.64 @ 185 mph in his Procharger Mustang GT!!!!

    AMEN! Between this car, and Sammie Moores 7 second P1X car at 3775lbs......YES
  2. Congrats @ToyCobra 7.64 @ 185 mph in his Procharger Mustang GT!!!!

    Really not much more needs to be said.... other than... WOW!
  3. Procharger Bypass valve location

    it is, because it also has an air straightener inside of it. :)
  4. Procharger Bypass valve location

    It can't if the MAF is in the intercooler. (massive swings in airflow when the valve opens and closes).
  5. MAF types (Draw Through/Blow Through) and config

    You can't easily do draw through, unless you vent the BOV back into the intake. Blow through MAF's are perfectly fine until you peg them.
  6. ?? Centri Owners Who DID-NOT do OPG/CS

    I never have on any car I have owned.... and I would say only 10-15% of the ones I tune have them done. Never had a failure yet... supercharged or not. NOTE: The highest reving one I tune shifts at 8,400 and has never missed a beat and is a road course car, that is going on 4 years of racing...
  7. Procharger Bypass valve location

    Technically it doesn't really matter much as long as its there. Honestly folks like to argue about pre intercooler and post, and even that is a drop in the bucket. The only thing that honestly matters is... 1) it works 2) its far away from the MAF
  8. Pulleying down

    You can either do the full conversion to the 8 rib (dedicated drive) which is pretty pricy... Or just run an overdrive balancer for now which will net you a larger crank pulley and a bit more boost (fairly cheaper alternative).
  9. Pulleying down

    Sounds like its an HO kit with shared 6 rib? If so you will need at least a 3.50" and a few more RPM to get there. I personally don't like going smaller than that, due to the possibility of belt slip due to the 6 rib
  10. Is the 5.0 designed for boost?

    No it wasn't LOL. Not the engine, not the cats, not the rest... end of story.
  11. Tuned by Palm Beach Dyno (PBD) review vs Prochargers

    Send me your file, and I can make it get 20+ more MPG's (at least by what the dash says lol) However, most supercharged cars will always be the same MPG's as stock, or like 1 or 2 mpg's higher when driven exactly the same as stock. (Due to the pumping losses being reduced, and some other...
  12. Tuned by Palm Beach Dyno (PBD) review vs Prochargers

    If you are going by what the dash says, it will change with virtually every tune you have done. Reason for that... 1) its just math and 2) its a guess So lets say the computer looks at airflow, + injector size + stoich fuel ratio + tire size,gear, trans, etc = estimated milage If you change...
  13. Boost hose blew off.

    I know you did, which would work well for him. (Cause otherwise he would have to get a longer metal tube thats connecting to it). Before going through the hassle of trying to find a longer tube and hoping the cobra coupler fits. Do you wanna just do another rubber tube thats properly cut...
  14. Boost hose blew off.

    The irony is that, if a person doesn't trim the elbow, it kinks to that shape and then the internet goes crazy about "OMG it won't flow, this kit is JUNK". (even though they are making 700-900hp) lol. Those are neat hoses, but ideally its best to just get the normal 90 trimmed to keep it as...
  15. Boost hose blew off.

    So the way my GF and I do them, is.... We mount the blower first, then slowly trim the "short" end of the 90 about 1/4" at a time... each time sliding it under the headlight and up onto the blower outlet until it fits without a kink. Then we clamp it tightly with the worm clamp so that it...
  16. Need help finding cause for lean condition at Idle Whipple 3.0 Gen 5

    45% correction is MASSIVE. Like so large I can't believe it runs. Make sure your fuel pressure is correct, Make sure the part numbers for your injectors are correct, Make sure o-rings around the injectors aren't leaking at the intake, Make sure all PCV/Breathers are correct, Logs will...
  17. Boost hose blew off.

    We have a one-piece silicon hose that we designed but have been waiting on it since like the beginning of Covid from the vendor. That being said, I bet I have personally installed 20+ of these kits, and now my GF is on her second install, and I have never had that tube come off, or a worm...
  18. Procharged stage 2 , 4.25 pulley going to E85 same pulley how much increase of HP?

    80-100 rwhp is the normal gain I get going to E85 without a change in boost.
  19. Piecing together procharger setup

    Thank you for understanding. This is technically true for EVERY aftermarket product that involves a tune file. (There are just many that try and skirt around the rules, but bending them, or pretending they didn't know. Which with the fines involved these days, isn't something that should be...