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  1. updating navigation on a 2015

    use google maps instead?? :P
  2. Brembo 15" on the rear

    that's always for each to decide. which is why when I get my next GT it likely will not be a PP model, cuz I like doing the mods and stuff and mine's not a daily driver, it's a toy. so fun with brakes and suspension, wheels and paint, HP stuff and etc. but that's everyone else's decision to...
  3. Brembo 15" on the rear

    I had AP brakes on my race bike... freaking outstanding stuff. I know a couple guys that have used Wilwood and Baer brakes and they have loved them. IMHO, if you're not on the track really pushing the limits the biggest reason to get big rear brakes for a street car is to match the brembo's...
  4. Ford Mustang Raptor R

    I like it, could be a ton of fun on the gravel roads in rural AL. :P
  5. Car Repos on the Rise

    yup. this. keep your powder dry and be ready to jump on your 'dream stang' here in another year or so when everything crashes. there are gonna be deals to be had.
  6. Cloth seat discoloration 2021 GT

    a good UV blocking tint and a window shade when it's in the sun might also help discoloration.
  7. Rattle/Knock from outside the car

    further discussion with my son today and he's telling me it's from the front for sure now. so obviously check the front strut mounts, any other quick checks to do?? Thanks!!
  8. car was hit

    depends on the car. a base model GT I might have opted for a new bumper cover but would have considered a different one like a gt350 or gt500 bumper cover. :P
  9. How are you changing oil & filter at home

    this. even my old ass broken body still managed to keep doin it this way.
  10. Future value

    fixed that for ya
  11. Oil Analysis

    about to send one there myself.
  12. its dumb question time

    if it is the only mod on the car I would say no. this aint a foxbody where a cat back could actually add a few. times are different and stock exhausts are actually pretty good aside from the sound under most instances make just as much power as the axle/catbacks do without a tune. maybe you...
  13. window tint question

    I can attest to this. Took my son to the Manning Passing Academy in Thibodeaux several years back. hands down the hottest i've ever been in my life and I live in AL. air temp was only 92 the first day, heat index was 118*. crazy!!!
  14. window tint question

    other possibility is that his margin is higher on regular vs ceramic.
  15. Body shop instructions to paint Mach-1 HP spoiler

    as long as you have the correct paint code you want just about any body shop can handle that.
  16. Future value

    yup. I've had friends/coworkers from other countries come over here and say things like "hey, while I'm in chicago how about we rent a couple motorcycles and drive Rt66 to CA? or we'll just drive to Disney World or NYC one day while I there." when I tell them that ride will take about 4 days...
  17. Future value

    there are already more conservative govt's being voted in across the ponds.