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  1. Mohawk Track Experience & Woodward Dream Cruise

    Anyone heading over for some, or all, of Dearborn Invasion 3 put on by Team Shelby Great Lakes and Mohawk Track Experience? Monday thru Wednesday at Gingerman Raceway, and then over to Dearborn Thursday thru Sunday for Ford and Shelby related events and the Woodward Dream cruise. A week of...
  2. GT350R stock brake pads

    I am looking to order a set, or possibly 2 sets, of front brake pads for my GT350R. Can you please shoot me price, part numbers, and your availability on them?!? Thank you! Scott
  3. Team Shelby 2021 Freedom Tour

    Just wanted to give a quick report on attending the Team Shelby 2021 Freedom Tour. Any of you Great Lakes guys and gals looking for a really well run club that puts on some great events, give them a look! My wife and I had a great weekend with this group of very friendly and very knowledgeable...
  4. 11.5" squared wheels on an R

    Gentlemen! I am just about to pull the trigger on a set of rims and the proper front spacers, for track use only. I have 2018 R with Vorshlag camber plates. I am struggling between ordering 11 inch or an 11.5 inch wide squared set-up. I was wondering if anyone on the forum has run the 11.5...