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  1. How to Enable Heated/Cooled after Swapping from Base to Premium Seats

    I have the harness between the seats for sale, pm me if interested.
  2. 2018 digital dash in MPH, need help

    Anyone wants help with conversion you can reach me at: [email protected]
  3. Standard digital dash to GT500 digital dash

    Because the cluster is the part which receives the message from the FCIM (the bezel) and the GT500 steering feel button is on the steering wheel...not on the bezel
  4. Standard digital dash to GT500 digital dash

    Yeah top speed 200. The toggle in the middle bezel (where the hazard toggle is)
  5. Install PP Gauges on Non-PP Model - Recap

    Read the first post'll see how u can get read of the warning
  6. Standard digital dash to GT500 digital dash

    I've done it, it's a software update. You just get increased speedo but you'll lose the steering feel toggle
  7. Undisclosed GT350 Sync 3 Conversion Kit

    Very funny lol
  8. standard 15 to Roush 17 speedo/cluster swap

    You don't need to write the VIN to the cluster, the cluster will pick it up once plugged - you can ONLY increase the mileage with Forscan (you cannot decrease unless you've got another tool called UCDS or eeorom programmer)
  9. Static hissing noise from the speakers

    I'm almost sure that you guys can get rid of the hiss by grounding the ACM, Ford quality is shit. I have a hiss too, but haven't tried the ACM fix yet. Take a look at my setup:
  10. Stereo Information (Wiring, Upgrades, etc...)

    Here's my setup, hopefully it'll help others:
  11. DSR1 vehicle specific flash question

    Sorry to storm this thread but I was using Maestro AR with Audison AP8.9, but eventually got rid of the Maestro AR as you'd need to flash the Audison amp with a custom firmware for it to work with the Maestro and this firmware makes lose tons of features of the amp. Anyhow I'm also experiencing...
  12. Hertz Mille Installation

    Nice Job! Did you have to modify the actual metal sheet of the door or just the plastic adapter?
  13. Has anyone installed a Rockford Fosgate DSR1?

    I got the amp for $320, you think it's worth paying the extra money for the Audison?
  14. Has anyone installed a Rockford Fosgate DSR1?

    I picked up the same stuff, can you please let me know if you used the Kenwood for your 9 speakers? I'm reading the ADS forum and it seems that this amp doesn't support the S550.
  15. Install PP Gauges on Non-PP Model - Recap

    Look at the first post...I got this fixed, but if u own a GT then you shouldn't make this change as it shouldn't throw any errors.
  16. Vibration between 50 & 70 mph

    SSM 46767 - 2015-2017 Mustang – 3.7L/5.0L – 6R80 - Clunk/Ping Noise When Shifting From ParkTo Reverse And/Or Park To Drive Engagement Some 2015-2017 Mustang vehicles equipped with 3.7L and 5.0L built on or before 1-Apr-2017 equipped with a 6R80 transmission may exhibit a clunk or ping noise from...
  17. Vibration between 50 & 70 mph

    Looking at both driveshafts they do look different from the transmission end
  18. Vibration between 50 & 70 mph

    Any chance you got the part number?