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  1. OEM Heated and cooled seats

    Anything ever come from this? Kinda wanting to get rid of my recaros and get the heated/cooled seats. Have a base model.
  2. Performance Pack GT Tips / Advice for drag strip?

    Use the clutch protection to your advantage. I was cutting 1.9x 60fts by just putting the car to 2k and side stepping the clutch off the line and letting the car do the rest. Only thing I turned off was TC
  3. Lund FF tunes

    You guys know if there will be a 15% off sale again like there was on memorial day for the 4th? I don't have a problem waiting until then if so.
  4. Lund FF tunes

    Been looking at getting a tune for my car ever since I put the long tubes on. Noticed that lunds prices went up on their website.. 712 bucks shipped now.. Anyone know of any sites that have a deal on them right now? Or am I paying that 700.. Thanks
  5. Noob exhaust question

    Thanks guys. They showed up the other night, will be a fun weekend..
  6. Noob exhaust question

    I have a 2016 GT performance pack with a 3 inch magnaflow competition catback on the car currently. I'm sitting here about to order a set of kooks headers. My question is should I worry about the connection to the X pipe dropping down to the 2.5 inch or should I not worry about it? Will I be...