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  1. Towing Question for GT350

    Strange. I've used mine 20 plus times with no issues at all of bending or deforming..
  2. Story on Carbon fiber wheels

    Good information. Thanks for sharing!
  3. Towing Question for GT350

    I'd recommend going the tow hook route. It's much more of a project to install, but gives you so much more peace of mind for any type of towing scenario. When you consider that the winch on a flat-bed tow truck is usually located up in the front of the tow bed, and then they will tilt that tow...
  4. A sad day... RIP GT350

    Sorry this happened to you, bud....
  5. Obsolescence to Obsession – Tales of the Rented Mule (FPRS GT350 Track Attack #14)

    You're a class act and a very good driver, bud! Thanks for not punting me when my tire went down right in front of you! Really enjoyed running Gingerman with you and looking forward to Barber!!!
  6. Mohawk Track Experience & Woodward Dream Cruise

    Anyone heading over for some, or all, of Dearborn Invasion 3 put on by Team Shelby Great Lakes and Mohawk Track Experience? Monday thru Wednesday at Gingerman Raceway, and then over to Dearborn Thursday thru Sunday for Ford and Shelby related events and the Woodward Dream cruise. A week of...
  7. Sold

    Free bump for a good guy!! How are you liking "Mustang Life?" Will the NSX come out to anymore track events?? Was always one of my favorites cars in the paddock!
  8. Obsolescence to Obsession – Tales of the Rented Mule (FPRS GT350 Track Attack #14)

    To be fair, that Silverado Safety truck was not stock... It's not a fair fight when you're on street tires... What a great weekend. Really glad you're back in the sport..... Scott
  9. Obsolescence to Obsession – Tales of the Rented Mule (FPRS GT350 Track Attack #14)

    Yeah.... I get all the stuff with the car, but where is a picture of you in that sweet ass race suit? You looked svelte! You're like the automotive version of Zoolander. Joking aside, it was really great to have you back out there and back in the saddle. The mule should be a trusty and...
  10. Wisconsin

    I'll be there this coming weekend getting some much needed therapy!
  11. Wisconsin

    I want to believe you, I really do.... But I've been hurt so many times before by Wisconsin and her desire to throw late season winter tantrums. Do you think it'll really be different this time?
  12. Verus Engineering S550 Rear Diffuser Group Buy

    Pm'ed you. Definitely interested....
  13. Verus Engineering S550 Rear Diffuser Group Buy

    I'm in if there's a group buy on these again!
  14. What a ride (New GT350 owner)

    Congratulations on the new ride! I came here as a die hard M fan, and I have been really surprised by how supportive, awesome, and helpful the new "family" has been. Welcome! Scott
  15. SRP Hex Pedals Installed

    Looks great! Did you mount over the existing plastic dead pedal, or did you remove it first?
  16. SRP Hex Pedals Installed

    Great write up and pictures! Thanks!!