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  1. Official Ford Sync3 3.4 Release

    Yeah, no change log, even high level, was always a pet peeve of mine. They're all basically maintenance releases. The voice piece for example just had a final fix in there for problems with contacts with emojis in them and some other low hanging fruit commands added. Got that in before exiting...
  2. Official Ford Sync3 3.4 Release

    That's been that way for quite a while unfortunately. Still annoys me.
  3. Sync3 Music iPod/USB Track Info

    Are you using a thumb drive, and are you trying to browse while driving? When it indexes the device, it'll compare the media against the Gracenote database. That'll link up the genre as well. If you've categorized them how you like, you can view them that way by disabling the Gracenote option in...
  4. We have a new Sync 3 Map Update

    ALOM is the company that handles the map update distribution. So you go the that map update site and that’s all them. My understanding is it’ll look up the VIN you put in against the Ford database to get the ESN and current map info.They’d then create the license file specific to your unit, then...
  5. We have a new Sync 3 Map Update

    Will ALOM let you give them your ESN so they can manually create a license file? I’d *think* they could do this or get someone at FoMoCo to create one for you. It’s really the only unique aspect to a map update.
  6. We have a new Sync 3 Map Update

    Nav Voice. Fixes a problem with recognition of “Fast Food” and a couple other POI Categories.
  7. "This feature is currently not available."

    It needs a cold boot for the updated files to take. So, if you did a quick off/on, it never actually shut down fully. For Waze, they removed support for SDL a couple months back. CarPlay/AA only if you want to use it.
  8. "This feature is currently not available."

    Yes, the nav voice packages go in last and would need that final off/on cycle to load up.
  9. "This feature is currently not available."

    Did they try to update her map? If it was on NA 2 20, but now shows NA 1 19 I'm guessing they did, and possibly they didn't complete the full update.
  10. "This feature is currently not available."

    I would guess that the system was updating the map OTA when you lost it. I've heard of one or two cases where it seemed like this was the case, but why exactly it happens I'm not sure. Running the new map update should address it, just make sure you let it get through all parts of the update...
  11. "This feature is currently not available."

    This is new in the 21194 build. The reason it happens is you do not have the Nav Voice package installed. That package is deleted during a map update, and many times folks pull the drive early. In that case no Nav Voice package is installed and it’ll die out (prior to 21194) without any...
  12. We have a new Sync 3 Map Update

    Nope. The voice nav package contains the information needed specifically for searching for POIs, addresses, city/state names, etc. The voice piece of the system is actually broken among 3 different packages for Nav vehicles, 2 for Non-Nav. The issue/s with the partial map install is it will...
  13. We have a new Sync 3 Map Update

    That will work regardless. Try "find an address".
  14. We have a new Sync 3 Map Update

    That’s exceedingly short. Do a voice command to make sure it’s all there.
  15. We have a new Sync 3 Map Update

    Source the device. Then go to Settings, Media Player, then you’ll have an option there to “Reset Media Index”.
  16. We have a new Sync 3 Map Update

    Force a re-index. That fixed that problem in the past.
  17. Official Ford Sync3 3.4 Release

    It seems to really vary for whatever reason. Mine usually takes 50 minutes, but I've heard 2 hours. Remember to ignore those first couple pop-ups saying it's "done". SYNC will restart itself and keep going. Once it's actually done, the pop-up will stick on screen until you acknowledge it. Then...
  18. Official Ford Sync3 3.4 Release

    Yep. I had to add an error prompt because some were pulling the update early and not completing the update. More of a problem on v3.3 but still happens on v3.4. Voice piece goes in last so if the right package is loaded you won’t get the error telling you to finish updating the map.
  19. Official Ford Sync3 3.4 Release

    If you're on 3.4.21194, just try a nav voice command like "find an address" or "find a place". If you don't get an error message about completing the map update, you're good to go.
  20. We have a new Sync 3 Map Update

    As an FYI, I'd recommend updating to 3.4.21194 before updating the map via USB? Why? Because you can now effectively use VR to make sure you did it right. If you remove the stick early and SYNC doesn't keep asking you to complete the update and attempt an address / POI search using VR, it'll...