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  1. Coil pack wires?

    Anyone know which wire are for the RPM readings for a tach or nitrous controller? Thanks UPDATE: Each coil pack has a purple wire and then one other wire with a different color and stripe. If you are looking to tap in for readings use the other wire of the two.
  2. Instructions for N20 Outlet kit?

    Sup everyone, Just looking for some better instruction on installing my N20 Outlet plate system... I have very little experience with wiring, I need some pictures or some sort of better instruction... The guide it came with is very vague and it isn't even vehicle specific, half the pics aren't...
  3. LMR customer service

    Opened up a lot of the parts I ordered while I had been deployed for the past months, I just so happened to be doing a grill delete and decided to look for my DD switchbacks. Unfortunately LMR had only put one of the smaller bulbs in the box and two of the large ones. Called and spoke with Jason...
  4. Maui's 16 GT "Medusa" Journal/Build

    This will be just a general journal about my experience with the car. I will post pictures when I take delivery. As of right now I am deployed and should return in time to take delivery that week...
  5. WTB G-Trac K Brace

    Hit me up with your best price shipped to 57719! Ill get back to you! -Maui