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  1. ET Dilemma

    Did you log it to make sure it wasn't doing anything funky? How many passes do you have on each set up? The front runners are the only thing that should help with ET depending on how heavy the old set up was. If you have only made a few passes, continue to make more and collect that data.
  2. Electric Water Pump / EWP Davies Craig

    AED did some dyno testing with a Meziere unit when his S550 was all motor, and made like 12whp average over 5500 or something like that.
  3. Non DD FI Decision

    It does make sense. I have always heard a PD blower and a stick are an absolute blast to drive on the street. I think the biggest con of PD blower is prob the heat depending on the set up. If you decide on a centri there other brands i would consider.
  4. On3 single or ess g2

    Sounds like it got it figured out. I personally want a single turbo stick car. I just think it would be such a blast to drive. That ESS kit is just so light. That keeps me going back and looking at it.
  5. A tuning question

    Is the car stock? Even if it is tuned you'll need a retune if you do anything wiith it either way.
  6. 60 foot help

    Oooffff yeah, I bet a 3.73 would be perfect. It should 60 hard and 4th gear should have some decent mph
  7. 60 foot help

    What gears are in the car? I would work on that weight unless you want to start looking at a CJ mani.
  8. 60 foot help

    I got the same goal. Just keep practicing. I leave off a 2 step at like 6500-6800 and that helps a lot in the 60 for me at least. If you can't get it to make any more power then try to decrease the weight. That kinda where im at with it.
  9. 60 foot help

    Yes Front is stock beside the springs, Went 11.30. 1/8 went 7.26 @96 then a 11.30 @ 122
  10. 60 foot help

    E85,Ported CJ, Stage 3 Comp Cams, a few BMR goodies, Viking rears, 4.09's. a bunch of other random stuff. Car weighed prob 3600 with me in it maybe a few lbs less. I think i might be at a limit of those gears unless I really push some more rpm. I trapped 122
  11. 60 foot help

    I cut a 1.59 60' so that's a decent starting point for me.
  12. 60 foot help

    It "should" last you more then 10 passes. I will low key cry if mine doesn't last more then a couple seasons.
  13. 60 foot help

    It's a twin disk
  14. 60 foot help

    My RST seems to doing just fine...I have only made 3 passes on it, but it held up well on Saturday.
  15. ESS Centrifugal Mustang Superchargers

    You can buy some universal rubber caps. Pretty much every auto store sells a variety pack.
  16. On3 single or ess g2

    I think the biggest selling point to me between those 2 kits is the weight of the ESS kit. The entire kit only adds like what 46lbs to the car. Imagine doing that and installing a Kmember and netting almost 0 weight.
  17. 60 foot help

    I feel ya man. I had 3.31's went to 4.09's and will be going back soon enough.
  18. 60 foot help

    Do you have a WOT Box? I started off with 3.31's and 28 and eventually when to 4.09 gears and my 60 got better and waayy more consistent.
  19. On3 single or ess g2

    How do you want the powered delivered? The G2 is going to be waaayyy easier to install and there is way less maintenance involved in that system. Buuuutt the G2 is can't make much over 800 wheel and the base On3 kit can make way more then that.
  20. ESS G3x quarter mile

    That car has quite a bit more in it just based off that 60'!!!