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  1. Maui's 16 GT "Medusa" Journal/Build

    Actually I was not able to make it to the rally. Out of town! Will be there next year though! :cheers:
  2. Maui's 16 GT "Medusa" Journal/Build

    In case anyone was wondering how it runs I put down a a 7.78 in the 1/8th mile with a 1.7 60 ft. at Sturgis, SD dragway. Still getting used to the slicks but my time has improved from my original 8.92 & 2.23 60 ft.
  3. Bama tune experience so far

    Well with it being the weekend... I didn't receive my tunes, was contacted by a senior calibrator, told I have a vacuum leak... I searched and searched, sprayed brake cleaner, pulled vacuum lines and got nothing... Threw it on the dyno, ran the original nitrous tune they sent for a hundred...
  4. Bama tune experience so far

    Well I am also getting the run around on a tune revision from a week ago. Why tell me you will have me the tune revision or some sort of update in four hours then don't bother to contact me for two days? Why did I wait a week for my initial bolt on tune? This is obviously a trend with the...
  5. Nitrous. 100 shot.

    Forced induction is not for the feint of heart. Obviously we know at this point the coyote is completely capable of taking plenty of boost/spray with stock internals. I wouldn't be putting a kit on my car with 1200 miles on it without doing the proper research. -Maui
  6. Nitrous. 100 shot.

    I am actually going to be posting a thread shortly with videos, pictures, and detailed information of the installation of a N20 Outlet Plate kit with the 100 shot... I had the help from a few friends who are wiring savvy. I will also include the info for the two dyno pulls on the 9th with the...
  7. Coil pack wires?

    Anyone know which wire are for the RPM readings for a tach or nitrous controller? Thanks UPDATE: Each coil pack has a purple wire and then one other wire with a different color and stripe. If you are looking to tap in for readings use the other wire of the two.
  8. Instructions for N20 Outlet kit?

    Sup everyone, Just looking for some better instruction on installing my N20 Outlet plate system... I have very little experience with wiring, I need some pictures or some sort of better instruction... The guide it came with is very vague and it isn't even vehicle specific, half the pics aren't...
  9. Maui's 16 GT "Medusa" Journal/Build

    3/17/2016 Well spending the entire week of vacation working on the car. Finally putting the parts on... FYI pulling the factory rear subframe and diff bushings really sucked. Lots of cutting and hammering them out. Those guys at BMR make it look easy on the instructions... :crazy: The headers...
  10. Maui's 16 GT "Medusa" Journal/Build

    Art Alley Shots Just a few pictures from this weekend in Art Alley. Thanks for the pictures bmoore1488 -Maui
  11. Maui's 16 GT "Medusa" Journal/Build

    Just an FYI for anyone who has a lug nut spin on their wheels and can't seem to figure out what the problem is.... With the help of my buddy, I learned the factory lugs have a chrome playing that will just spin on the lug if it breaks loose.... After he spent a while chiseling on it and...
  12. LMR customer service

    Opened up a lot of the parts I ordered while I had been deployed for the past months, I just so happened to be doing a grill delete and decided to look for my DD switchbacks. Unfortunately LMR had only put one of the smaller bulbs in the box and two of the large ones. Called and spoke with Jason...
  13. Maui's 16 GT "Medusa" Journal/Build

    At the dealer. I will post more after I get some of the parts thrown on. Already installed my lighting from diode dynamics and the Eibach sportlines. The MBRB race exhaust sounds great too! Will post video after I install headers and intake w/ tune
  14. Maui's 16 GT "Medusa" Journal/Build

    Picked her up, here's a couple pictures.
  15. What on this list isn't necessary?

    I think you should buy all of it. I mean, camber plates aren't really a big deal but... "Always go full racecar."
  16. Nitrous bolt on kit for 5.0?

    Its probably not a good idea to run nitrous without a tune because nitrous will make your car run lean. You are going to need some way to retard the timing to ensure that your car doesn't run lean and you end up with a blown engine. If an insurance company wanted to dig into it they will...
  17. Front spring install issue

    The bigger the hammer you use the better. I have a giant wooden mallet like the one on donkey kong that gets the job done. Just alternate around the rotor when you are persuading it to fall off... Course I was replacing the rotor after that so I would go with a rubber mallet for sure.
  18. MMR CAI Reviews

    I have also sent multiple messages with no reply to follow. They don't really stay active on the forums. Best bet is to try and contact them by phone. IMHO an intake is an intake... I wouldn't purchase it unless you plan on getting a tune. There is even a disclaimer on the page saying that they...