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  1. Pro Cup 2 Advice - Low Temp Driving

    OP-I would seriously look into what it would cost to have a flatbed pick it up and take it to your house. Like one poster pointed out AAA would do it for no cost if you have it. You spent quite a bit on the car, I would hate to see something bad happen and you wind up in a ditch or worse. You...
  2. May be entering the fray again. M1 available for '23 MY ?

    They also add the Parks Promise package at 2k to every car they sell.
  3. Dealer/mechanic recommendations near Gainesville - Evaporator core replacement

    I know of a good auto air conditioner repair company in my area but you are two hours from me. If you’re interested I’ll give you the information. He’s in Winter Haven.
  4. 2021 Mach 1 front camera system addition

    Thanks for the info.
  5. Gas prices dropping soon?

    They might be trying to make up for theft loss.
  6. Gas prices dropping soon?

    At $5.19 if you have another option I wouldn’t either.
  7. Gas prices dropping soon?

    I’m in central Florida, right now regular is $4.49, premium $5.09, and diesel is $5.61. Wherever you’re at you better brace yourself because it’s coming to a station near you.
  8. 2021 Mach 1 front camera system addition

    That’s something I didn’t think of. Only thing is the way the switch would have to be wired. It would have to bypass the existing reverse switch that activates the rear camera. Would need wiring diagrams to do this. With the existing price of this car, I don’t think it would be unreasonable for...
  9. 2021 Mach 1 front camera system addition

    I try to do that as much as possible. I damaged my engine cover first week I owned the car and had to replace it. Piece of rebar was sticking up 2”, that was what was holding the curb down, and that was what caused the damage. Curb height was fine otherwise. That cost over $300. I’m just...
  10. Gas prices dropping soon?

    Where I’m at this looks like a very real possibility in prices.
  11. Gas prices dropping soon?

    Prices where I’m at went up over 45 cents this week alone. Depending on where you buy 87 octane is $4.50 and 91 is $5.20 gallon. Diesel is about $5.60. It is really hitting my wallet and makes me sick. The poor and middle class are the ones hurting the most. The transportation companies are...
  12. 2021 Mach 1 front camera system addition

    Does anyone know of a front camera system that is compatible with the Sync system with the navigation? I found one system on American Muscle that is made by Raxiom for about $600. I don’t like the way the camera bracket mounts in the front. I would like the camera more hidden in the grill...
  13. Deck Lid and Ford Quality Issues

    I would go to another dealer or have him show you this in writing. They took several photos of mine and the damage it was causing to the body where it was rubbing. I was called back in two days and they set an appointment to fix it, although they kept the car for over a week. But when I got it...
  14. That didn’t take long; first BaT car?

    I saw it on this website in the production order thread. See above.
  15. That didn’t take long; first BaT car?

    It was on this website in the production thread. Here is the quote: Chassis # 6313 was the last Mach1 off the line in 2021. That info is from a line worker that watched it personally.
  16. That didn’t take long; first BaT car?

    Anything’s possible I guess.
  17. That didn’t take long; first BaT car?

    My thoughts exactly.