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  1. Load vs. Boost

    That interesting. I see 2.0 load at roughly 16psi. Lund tuned.
  2. When Adding a Supercharger…

    I should clarify, I certainly load my drivetrain with high rpm launches and drag radials on the street just not to the degree multiple trips to a track does. Regardless, think we have beaten this horse. Good luck to you.
  3. When Adding a Supercharger…

    Sure. Everybody has different experiences. Fully anticipate a much longer life as I don’t make passes. Simply a street car with some roll racing. I would argue it had more to do with your hard launches at the drag strip than your clutch causing the trans failure. At the OPs power level with...
  4. When Adding a Supercharger…

    Agree. If you drive your car irresponsibly, yes, your transmission will suffer regardless of the clutch used. I run 900 rwhp with the rxt without any problem. Smooth, consitant shifts with not a single lockout. I do have a MGW shifter too that helps.
  5. When Adding a Supercharger…

    Again, you get what you want. The rxt is not noisy either. Am not sure why that particular clutch gets a bad rap other than people pushing higher margin products. Maybe that’s the real issue. I am sure Lethal has a fine alternative but it should be noted the rxt is a great product.
  6. When Adding a Supercharger…

    Yes. I have an rxt and it’s very smooth with no chatter. Absolutely love that clutch and it’s not violent whatsoever. Great product imo.
  7. Will I rub on 325s?

    To each his own. Personally, I don't mind the look of a bit more poke.
  8. Will I rub on 325s?

    About 900 rwhp
  9. Will I rub on 325s?

    Sorry @lschivago, maybe we are talking about the same tire. Other than stick car, suspension mods and camber, no explanation from me on traction. I know my car is putting out some steam with the D1x (“4 pulley), e85 and timing. Either way, at least the OP has a better idea on tire fitment.
  10. Will I rub on 325s?

    O, you know what, we are talking about two different tires I believe. I just got the 555R2’s a week ago. Different tire. 😃 not saying they won’t spin but if I warm them up and grab 2nd quickly (stick car), pretty smooth sailing. Again, only have 100 miles on them. As a side, I did like my MT’s...
  11. Will I rub on 325s?

    Not my experience. I have close to 900 wheel and they hook just fine. They are new however. My old MT Street SS tires did fine until they got a bit older. I do run my tires at 17psi cold and 0 camber so that helps.
  12. Will I rub on 325s?

    Yes and those are 305’s on 50mm offset. Mostly due to my camber set at 0. The nice thing, they never rub. :) I need the traction.
  13. Will I rub on 325s?

    Me too!
  14. Will I rub on 325s?

    For OP's benefit, what camber % are you both running?
  15. Will I rub on 325s?

    Great. The camber adjustment may need to be somewhat aggressive to tuck them in with +50mm offset. For Example, I run 0 camber in the rear with 305's on a 50mm offset and have a little poke. I do this to get the maximum contact patch for straight line acceleration and more even wear based on my...
  16. Will I rub on 325s?

    As mentioned. It’s all in the offset whether or not something fits. In addition, the camber adjustment can tuck a wheel/tire combo in to avoid “poke” within reason.
  17. Whipple + HD clutch + stock MT-82 durability for street car?

    That is a good start. Personally running higher power (850-900hp), I like all the parts available to take the flex out. The steeda stop the hop was a big improvement followed by other items mentioned in the thread. The more parts I added, the more stable the car felt. Also, a good shifter helps too.
  18. Whipple + HD clutch + stock MT-82 durability for street car?

    Imo, if you don’t abuse the shift, you should be fine. Don’t run street tires, that is a poor choice and unsafe. I am running the rxt clutch, DRs at higher power levels without issue. My car is a street car as well. Just bought nitto 555r2 to replace the MT as they wore out. The suspension mods...
  19. Project 6GR 20x10 front, 20x11 rear, tyre question

    I am running 285/35/19 4s in the front. On the back just finished a set of MT 305/35/19 SS. They had good grip but moved around more at speed than I like. Just put on nitto 555r2 of the same size and they feel stable and great holding 850hp to the wheel.