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  1. Rain tray for the hood slats on or off for the street?

    Removed the tray on the first day and wash the car every other weekend with no issues. Side note it also fixed my hood fluttering at 65-70 mph. Hood is rock solid now!
  2. More quality #1!!!

    Does the car pull to the right? 😜 Imagine if that was a CFTP with painted stripes off centered. I hope you get it fixed as those things bug me as well. I think after having the stripes on my 2013 Boss, I'm happy went with stripe delete. Besides better performance less wind drag. :crackup:
  3. 2022 GT500 Heritage Edition turned some heads at C&C

    Ford should have done the GT500 in Wimbledon White with Blue Stripes! T
  4. 2020+ Normal for two exhaust tips to be much darker?

    Lol :crackup::crackup::crackup:
  5. 2020+ Normal for two exhaust tips to be much darker?

    Interesting I did not know that. So is that the difference between Sport, Track an Drag exhaust? I typically drive the car in sport mode with sport exhaust but may have to switch that to Track exhaust.
  6. 2020+ Normal for two exhaust tips to be much darker?

    My stock exhaust is just the two inner are darker. I only drive in Sport Mode (no drag no track mode)
  7. Anybody seen the LA news today?

    Solar roof top panels are great to power your home and get your electricity for free, but your folks need a Tesla wall battery to keep the electricity on when the power goes out. Or they could get a generator. OH WAIT THOSE ARE ALSO OUTLAWED HERE IN KALIFORNIA. As for the Manual Transmission...
  8. Anybody seen the LA news today?

    Not to get too far off topic but . . .what was the topic of this thread?
  9. Anybody seen the LA news today?

    It's both here in California. Due to the Wildfires in the past we have these "Preventative" power outages anytime the wind speed exceeds 5mph. It's ridiculous as the areas effected are tied to much larger areas. I live adjacent to the coast here in the SF Bay Area in a Cement City with little...
  10. Anybody seen the LA news today?

    I agree too it's still quite away out for sure, but I can remember just a few years ago when EV cars were just a pipe dream, and now I seem them everywhere. Imagine what we will see in 20yrs.
  11. Anybody seen the LA news today?

    Anything is FEASABLE with enough time and money. The Grid is too and if we could just get out of our own legislative way we could do that in 20 years easy. It took ~35 years and the equivalent of $500 Billion of todays dollars to build the Interstate Highway system, and that was tech of the...
  12. Anybody seen the LA news today?

    While I won't be getting a driverless car, I do wish most everyone else on the road would. Here in the SF Bay Area during rush hour traffic I see some crazy crap from people that have NO BUSINESS behind the wheel. Some may mock driverless tech, but I personally would rather get into a...
  13. Anybody seen the LA news today?

    18 years is a long time in the Tech world. While none of the below are ready for primetime today, they are coming for sure. Tesla is number 1 car company in the World and gaining ground every day. Position Manufacturer Market Cap USD (AUD) Number of vehicles built in 2021 1 Tesla $1.13...
  14. Anybody seen the LA news today?

    EV is coming and gaining speed, By 2040 (a mere 18 years from now) you will see driverless EV Trucks, buses, trains, and cars everywhere. I for one cannot wait. Imagine SF Bay Area traffic where all the trucks and cars on the road are driven by computers analyzing everything around them a...
  15. Anybody seen the LA news today?

    I'm no horse expert but I bet it's hard to get them to sit still while you bolt on Carbon Fiber parts! :crackup:
  16. Anybody seen the LA news today?

    EV or ICE will continue to evolve over the next couple of decades for sure. I can't imagine ICE vehicles will be around forever though. EV or Hydrogen or the next gen fuel source will ultimately replace ICE at some point. But I do know this . . .we were told we'd have flying cars by this time...
  17. Anybody seen the LA news today?

    I imagine back in 1910 a bunch of guys sitting around the Saloon talking about "That gas powered buggy is never gonna replace my horse. Just feed it and it runs all day" Lol As a Californian, I can appreciated the legislation that gets car companies moving toward EV or Hydrogen or whatever...
  18. Shelby GT500 Floor Mats

    I got the Lloyds with the snake and GT500 lettering. Order with Orange border but not digging it as too much Orange. I'm going to order again without the orange border
  19. GT500 price increase (AGAIN)

    I think it might be a bit more than that. :crackup:
  20. GT500 price increase (AGAIN)

    I work in Supply Chain for a large Medical Device company and we are seeing 10-20% increases across the board. Everything from packaging to molded components.