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  1. Another good read about Shelby GT350

    Not sure if this was already posted in this forum, but here it is...
  2. Hood Corrosion Nightmare

    Do you have PPF on the hood? And what about paint color code on the drives side door. Can this be match with the paint?
  3. Powertrain Failure at the track *update 6/18 **Final**

    I think Ford dealer may do upgrade of ECU, worth to try.
  4. Powertrain Failure at the track *update 6/18 **Final**

    I noticed that too but the other way around. I have 2019 and drove 2018 on the track. The 2018 was noticeable slower at low RPM than my 2019. Ford achieved this with software upgrade starting with MY'19.
  5. New SYNC is available to download

    I also had an issue with uploading xml file when I first installed upgrade. Just now went back to upload xml file to confirm update and it said: " Your SYNC system (SYNC3 v3.4.21020) is up to date". So, I guess the system checked over Wi-Fi without me uploading the xml file.
  6. Anyone own a GT350 with as many stories as this one? (and wow the marketing strategy too!)

    Air filter housing is missing. Funny story though.
  7. Replacement Spoiler for 2016 GT350

    Not sure. I have 2019, so not interested to me. But, looking at the video, sims like shock absorbers replacement doesn't require.
  8. New Heritage Center Caps

    Nice design. I have these center cups on my
  9. New SYNC is available to download

    I think, if I'm not mistaken, the live traffic depends on Sirius subscription not on the SYNC upgrade.
  10. New SYNC is available to download

    Yeah, I've got it upgraded to v3.4.21020 no prob. It's just XML log file can't be uploaded after update.
  11. New SYNC is available to download

    My neither. I think it's another ford's programming bug.
  12. New SYNC is available to download

    Can't find Ford's upgrade notes on this. But here what I gather from other forums: Looks like this update may improve the speed of carplay and sync3 as well as enable you to download the latest version of the maps (NA220).
  13. New SYNC is available to download

    New version of SYNC is available to download: SYNC3 v3.4.21020
  14. 2019 GT350 Engine Failure @ 2170 miles

    Secondary Cam Chain Tensioner is not an issue for GT350 before 2020MY. He's early 2019.
  15. Have you had PPF applied, and how much did it run you? (NJ)

    I'm in Central NJ. Installer did my with Suntec PPF entire front-end(front bumper, fenders, lights, hood, mirrors) for $1700 including paint correction. Later he did A-pillars, front of rear quarters and edge of the roof for $200. I recommend doing entire front-end and at least front of rear...
  16. Replaced Voodoo Engine

    the changes for voodoo gen2 are listed here:
  17. Replaced Voodoo Engine

    Yep, day 33 of 2021 is Feb 2nd 2021. My build on day 22 of 2019 is Jan 22nd 2019.
  18. Replaced Voodoo Engine

    What is the diff between this and Gen2? I read and sims all the same.
  19. Paint Bubbling in Hood

    Paint job on GT350 cars is poor at the best in general. Every GT350 I've seen having paint imperfections.