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  1. Theoretically. 159 mph

    It's entirely dependent on the officer. I've been let off scott-free after being clocked at 136mph in a 65mph zone and been charged with speeding for being 6mph over the limit. Obviously you should stop for the officer and you should not be hitting these speeds on public roads and inherently...
  2. Theoretically. 159 mph

    #1 - Honestly, I'm sure the good samaritans won't like my response but if you're already at 150+ when they clock you, you might as well keep going. I'm assuming you'd be doing these kinds of pulls in the middle of the night on desolate roads/highways. #2 - I've hit a GPS verified 165mph on a...
  3. Do you guys regret any of your mods?

    I'm curious about that would sound. I'd be willing to trade my Corsa Sport for a GT350IM and I'd have to go back to my stock exhaust but catless. Never heard that set-up before.
  4. Do you guys regret any of your mods?

    100% agree with this post. My exhaust mods went as follows: * Muffler Delete with stock tips - loved the way this set-up sounded aside from the drone. * Corsa Xtreme CBE - Bought into the hype and honestly it seemed quieter becasue there was no drone in the cabin. From the outside however...
  5. Do you guys regret any of your mods?

    How long do you think you'll be content with your current power level? I ask because you and I both moved pretty fast in terms of mods and I always seem to want more. I'm excited for boost but nervous at the same time. It'll be great when it finally happens, but I know I'll want more power...
  6. Do you guys regret any of your mods?

    I've got a little bit of free time at work right now and got to thinking about how differently I would've done things from the jump if I knew what I knew now. The main thing being that I would've forgoed pretty much every N/A mod and bought the "Beefcake Special" blower kit.. or maybe even...

    Bump for a good guy with some dope wheels. Looking forward to the next set, bro!
  8. Need to sell Corsa Sport exhaust ASAP!

    Bump. Text is the best way to get ahold of me guys. I'm not on the forums often enough to get back to messages in a prompt manner. Edit: Will trade for GT350IM + stock TB adapter.
  9. GT350 IM is awesome!

    Full weight car? Or dedicated track car (gutted)?
  10. Considering a new S550 - have you had these problems?

    I've experienced 3 out of 4 issues listed in the poll. I can neither confirm or deny any AC issues since I drive around almost exclusively with my windows down.
  11. GT vs M4 for DD Duty

    IMO: GT + F/I > M4 > Stock GT. If you're planning on modding either car, I'd recommend the GT + a Whipple. That would be one hell of a DD.
  12. Need to sell Corsa Sport exhaust ASAP!

    Looking for a trade + cash if you're interested.
  13. Blown differential or axle?

    I'm hoping for the same! Thanks man. :cheers: I found out that I broke an axle after the independent shop finished installing clutch #2. They attempted to drive the vehicle and it was still displaying the same symptoms so they put it back on the lift and noticed the broken driver's side axle...
  14. Need to sell Corsa Sport exhaust ASAP!

    PM sent.
  15. Need to sell Corsa Sport exhaust ASAP!

    I can get a quote. What's your Zip Code?
  16. Blown differential or axle?

    Kind of. Car's back but I had to pay $500 for a busted axle so I'm running on E. :frusty:
  17. Need to sell Corsa Sport exhaust ASAP!

    Hey guys, I'm in a bind right now and need to sell some stuff fast. The mufflers are brand new, never mounted units that were sent out to me by Corsa last week as a warranty claim (my current Xtreme mufflers were found to be defective). The X-Pipe is about 7 months old, the black tips are ~2...
  18. Chevy offers $2000 to Mustang owners

    This man has no idea what he's saying and secretly wishes he would have bought a Camaro instead of his GT. :lol::ninja:
  19. Blown differential or axle?

    :first::headbang::ford: > **** neighbors :rant: Dude, you have no idea how badly I want boost. But with my job, that's at least a year and a half out. I was looking at PP GT's randomly. I never regretted picking up a base model until I realized how good the brakes on the PP are. Time to find...
  20. Chevy offers $2000 to Mustang owners

    I could've summed that whole post up with one sentence: You can fix slow, but you can't fix ugly. :ford: