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  1. Arizona 2015-2023 Ford Mustang Performance Package Dash Trim (PAINTED)

    Performance Package dash trim, professionally painted Magnetic Metallic. In near-perfect condition. Just needs clips and maybe a light dusting. I never got around to fully installing this… only test fitted. Includes vents and headlight switch. Prefer local pickup. Asking $275 but willing to...
  2. Arizona 18+ Ikon Motorsports/777 Performance GT500 Style Bumper - Replacement Front Lip & Winglets

    BRAND NEW. Replacement front lip/chin spoiler and side winglets for 18+ Mustangs with the Ikon Motorsports/777 Performance GT500 style front bumper kit. Asking $200 for everything. Prefer local pickup in Arizona. Feel like shipping would be a nightmare… not trying to deal with that.
  3. Arizona GT Performance Package Gauge Clusters

    I have two of these available. First cluster is off a 15-17 car I believe. One broken clip, which is annoying but shouldn’t affect install. $30 Second cluster is more 18+ style, in near-perfect condition. Needs a light dusting as it has been sitting in my garage for months. Tested and works...
  4. Arizona Diode Dynamics Elite Series Combination Fog Lamps (18-22) [$325]

    Brand new, never used. I have yet to remove the other lamp from its packaging. These retail for almost $500. Asking $325.
  5. GT Several Parts for 2019 Mustang GT (Ikon/777 GT500 Bumper Pieces, Engine Cover, PP Gauges)

    Several parts up for sale. Additional photos can be provided for anyone who requests them. Didn’t want to overload the thread with images. I’m in Surprise, Arizona for guys nearby that might be interested. Engine cover ($80) Removed from my car when I installed a Roush cold air intake. No...
  6. Dead OBD II Port

    Has anyone else struggled with a non-functioning OBD II port? Went to connect my HP Tuners MPVI2+ for the first time and couldn’t get it powered up. Not a problem with the device. Tried a code reader and it didn’t turn on either. Checked fuses, replaced #15 (heard it’s a culprit sometimes) and...
  7. Arizona WTB: 18-21 Performance Package Gauge Cluster

    Dash panel gauge cluster found in all Performance Package Mustang GTs. The 15-17 variant is not an option - it won’t match the brushed look 18+ models come with.
  8. Arizona WTB: 6-Piston Front Brembo Calipers & Rotors

    Looking for a set (in nice condition) of 6-piston PP1/2 Brembo calipers and the corresponding rotors. I plan on ordering aftermarket pads so those won’t be necessary. Dust shields and brake lines would be an added bonus. Willing to pay shipping on these too.
  9. Bullitt Upper Grille

    I refuse to buy eBay replica parts so I’m looking into the OEM Bullitt upper grille. Curious if the chrome trim can be removed? If not, I will probably have it painted black. I don’t see genuine Bullitt grilles on non-Bullitt cars often so this may be a shot in the dark.
  10. Bizarre Whining Noise After Car Is Shut Off

    Something I have never seen or heard before. My 2019 GT had been shut off and locked for well over an HOUR. I stepped outside and heard a whine coming from the engine compartment. Popped the hood and it was somewhere on the passenger side. Sorry for the weird video link. I don’t have a...
  11. Arizona BRAND NEW Steeda Bumpsteer Kit & Vertical Links

    As stated in the title, these items are brand new. Never got put to use on my EcoBoost. Poly bushings for the vertical links. Still have the grease Steeda ships out with all of their suspension components. Seeking $90 for the bumpsteer kit and $85 for the rear vertical links. EDIT: Vertical...
  12. Arizona WTB: Stock Spoiler (Magnetic/Shadow)

    Reverting to stock. Don’t have my original spoiler. GT or EcoBoost, doesn’t matter.
  13. Arizona Front/Rear GT Calipers, Rotors, Pads

    Just bought these for my EcoBoost. Suddenly on the verge of engine failure, so no need for them now. Trying to get rid of everything ASAP. Only 2k miles on these puppies. Never put to use on my car. I can include 3 out of the 4 brake lines. $500 OBO
  14. Pause/Hesitation During Acceleration

    Hey guys, I have found only a couple other posts about this - seems to be an uncommon issue. No matter how heavy the throttle, shortly after locking into 3rd gear, there will be a split-second loss of power. Almost feels like fuel has been cut for the briefest moment. Imagine the tach needle...