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  1. Stock Downpipe Hanger Bolt

    Does anyone know the bolt size for the 2 bolts that hold the downpipe hanger to the engine/trans? It is part #W715404-S439 I think. None of the local dealers have in stock.
  2. Roush axleback for 15-17 GT

    Selling for a friend of mine. This is a great condition Roush axle back exhaust for a GT. It was too loud and he switched to a quieter setup. Located in Edgewater, FL and prefer local pickup. Can meet within a reasonable distance around Daytona or Orlando. $425 obo
  3. FRPP Tuned Ecoboost 1/4 Mile Passes

    Well we took the car to the strip this past weekend for the Steeda Stampede event and did good and bad. The good: -Got lots of passes in and tested many different setups. -Went 1/10 quicker and 2 mph faster in the 1/8 than our previous best on street tires. The bad: -It was really hot...
  4. 16" Wheels on Base Eco

    So my '04 is down at the moment and I wanted to test fit my ccw's again on the woman's '16. Low and behold, they fit with little or no modification. These are setup for an '04 GT with an 8.8" and 9" ends (slightly narrower than a 99-04 8.8" solid rear. Fronts are 16x4.5 and rears are 16x11...
  5. Matte Black Stripes

    Bought these for the girl's Mustang and she did not like the idea of stripes. Guess I should have asked before I bought... Anyways, this is a set of 12" wide matte black stripes from American Muscle. Only taken out of the box to get yelled at and take photos. Comes with instructions and the...
  6. Shifter Seperating?

    This is on a 2016 mustang with around 7,000 miles. It appears as if the shifter assembly is delaminating or seperating? Anyone else ever have this issue? I'm sure this is a warranty case, but if the part is cheap enough, I'd rather replace on my own. $25-30 is much easier than being without the...
  7. 17" 99-04 Offset Wheels w/ Drag Radials

    I have done a lot of searching on this and don't think i've found my exact answer so I decided to make a thread hopefully to find my answer and help anyone else looking for the same answer. I am in search of a inexpensive drag radial setup for the woman's ecoboost automatic so she actually...
  8. Black Painted 18" Foundry Wheels?

    Does anyone have dipped or painted 18" Foundry wheels done in gloss or satin black? I figure this would be a good temp solution until I can find her a cheap(ish) set of 19" gtpp wheels like she wants.
  9. Ford Racing Tune 1/4 Mile Results

    Since the other thread is forever long and frequently goes off track, I decided to create a new thread with the results of the tune and intake. These 1/4 mile passes were done in nearly the same conditions only 2 weeks apart. The da for the stock passes was around 650' and the da for the tuned...
  10. Need a stock Ecoboost exhaust

    Girlfriend wants to do a muffler delete but wants a stock exhaust as a backup in case she doesn't like it. Anyone have one laying around in the Orlando area? Thank you,