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  1. Ford performance camper plates replacement bolts

    Hi Guys, I got a quick question. Does anyone know what are the blots that go into the ford performance camber plates? I was tightening one down and it snapped off. From the looks of it it can be pressed in as it has splines like the lower strut bolts. the part is KR3V-18184-AC It's a tough...
  2. Fathers Day Swag!

    My son gave me this for Father's day! Smiles all week so far!
  3. Pennsylvania WTB: Heated and cooled seats

    Looking for heated and cooled front seats for a 2015-2017 mustang. Don't really care about the leather as I will be replacing. Must be fully functional I am in the North east region in PA so looking to pickup Thanks
  4. Pennsylvania 4 25MM Spacers

    I have these for a while now. I just put on new wheels and was going to use them but the wheels filled out fine so don't need them The are a few knicks from them banging against each while i had them. Looking for $100 plus shipping.
  5. At least they walked away....... In cuffs

    NYPD PRESS RELEASE / 3.24.21 / BUSHWICK, Brooklyn - At approximately 4 a.m. Wednesday, officers responded to a ShotSpotter activation in front of 157 Menahan Street, within the confines of the 83rd Precinct. Upon arrival, officers observed a double parked Ford Mustang facing eastbound occupied...
  6. Pennsylvania 2017 8" Radio Bezels

    Just pulled it off my car this morning. I am upgrading to the heated wheel next month so swapped it. Everything functions properly. I added this to my car back is spring of '18 when I did the screen upgrade. There are some scratches on the upper parts of the screen. Not noticeable unless you...
  7. Customer States.....

    Happy Friday Ya all!
  8. Pennsylvania Base seat covers from 2017 ecoboost

    I just upgraded to katzkins and no longer need these. They have 13k miles on them. Back seats never used $200 plus shipping
  9. Anyone get an alert about a free software update to prevent engine damage?

    Just got this Called Ford and they scheduled me for Friday but they are not sure what it is about
  10. 2020 Corvette

    Not sure if this is the first one that has been crashed but sure is the first one I have seen
  11. Look at what's at copart!

    Looks good.
  12. Damn!

    No matter who you support, this should make you pissed off!
  13. The things some people do with their cars!

    Have a laugh and a happy Easter guys and gals!
  14. 2007 GT500 if anyone is interested

    Not mines but came across this on craigslist. The car was only brought out on clear days and idled and moved back into the garage, The car has 6.1 miles. Not sure about the price but a good find I think
  15. Mishimoto catted downpipe and roush tune

    Hi all I have a catted Mishimoto downpipe and I am told that i would need a tune after installing. I have a roush tune I can put on. Does anyone know if the roush tune will work with this or do I need a custom Tune? thanks
  16. Need a part number for this!

    Hi Guys, I need a little help here. I opened my engine bay today and found that a squirrel was starting to make a nest. I took off the cover and cleaned it out and aside from the leaves for bedding and a few bite\claw marks on some insulation nothing was damaged. Since the weather was good this...
  17. What a Disgrace!

    At least he wasn't kneeling right!
  18. You don't see this everyday!

  19. Pennsylvania SOLD Roush Axel Back

    I have a brand new Roush axel back that came as part of the stage 2 upgrade from Roush for the ecoboost. The box is sealed. This should be the the one pictured in the kit here...
  20. Pennsylvania Sync 3 Apim with nav

    Here is a 2017 Sync 3 module with nav. It originally came out of a ford focus. This was used in my mustang for about 18 months until I upgraded to a Gen4 module. Full disclosure, I do not have the original VIN for the focus. Didn't keep it as I had no plans to upgrade when I did the swap. The...