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  1. Procharger question

    Thanks for the replies. For those have done the change, did it make much difference to your performance?
  2. 2018 Mustang GT - Procharger HO Stage 1 Low Boost Issue

    Hi mate, what was the outcome if any from your pulley change? Any update?
  3. Procharger question

    Happy new year all. I have a 2016 with a Procharger DX-1 on it with the stock manifold on it. I understand that there are problems with trying to replace the stock inlet manifold with a 2018 manifold. Does anyone know what the problems are and how they can be overcome? Cheers, Pete.
  4. California 2018 Ported intake manifold

    Hi, is this still for sale?
  5. Wisconsin 2016 GT350 OEM Intake Manifold

    Hi there, did you end up selling this?
  6. Procharger D1X

    Hi all, I am in the process of having installed a procharger stage II DIX. It is a second hand kit and has developed a squeal particularly at start up, but it continues on. The video is not the best example of it, but it is there. Any ideas of what the issue might be? @ProChargerTECH ?
  7. Procharger Manifold - recommendations

    Hi all, I am about to buy a procharger kit for a 2016 GT, I am wondering what intake manifolds any procharger users would recommend. The kit is a Stage II with a D1X head unit.
  8. FS Procharger D1X

    Sending you another PM mate.
  9. FS Procharger D1X

    Hey there, I sent you another PM a few days ago??
  10. FS Procharger D1X

    Sending you a PM.
  11. California OEM 2015 Mustang S550 Tail Lights

    Pity, me too, if we were each after one, we might have been able to a deal with him.
  12. California OEM 2015 Mustang S550 Tail Lights

    So is that the driver's side you are after?
  13. Outside of North America WTB Supercharger for 2015-17

    Want to buy an Edelbrock E-Force 2650 blower kit for a 2015-2017 mustang or a Procharger kut for same. Hit me up if you have something.
  14. FS Procharger D1X

    Did you end up selling this?
  15. Whipple, Gen2, Stage 2 (or more) for sale.

    Burkey, where are you getting tyhe E-FORCE from, I am keen on one as well?
  16. Car in for new engine at dealers and stolen last night!!!!!!!!!!!

    PM me if you have any questions.
  17. Car in for new engine at dealers and stolen last night!!!!!!!!!!!

    Mate, have a chat to a solicitor, legally in my view they cannot walk away, that is crap. Under the law of bailment when they take possession of the vehicle they become the bailee and are responsible for any loss you suffer. Your insurance company should know this and they are subrogated to...
  18. Sold.

    If this was the 2650 kit, I would be sending you the cash tonight lol.
  19. California FS - Edelbrock E-Force Supercharger Kit - New - NOW $5250 SHIPPED!!!!

    Sorry just re-read and saw it was the 2300 blower.