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  1. HOW TO: Swap PP gauges into standard model

    I seem to remember those gauges. I'll get things ready and will report back on what I find. Thanks
  2. HOW TO: Swap PP gauges into standard model

    I have a base eco. I have upgraded to the digital dash and the 8 inch screen. I want to try this so i am still reading through it. I appreciate your response. I don't recall if I had the oil pressure gauge on the dash or not. Will have to check and get back to you Thanks
  3. HOW TO: Swap PP gauges into standard model

    Hi Guys I am still reading through this thread but has anyone done this on their EcoBoost? Do i need an oil pressure sending unit? I have already done the 8 inch screen upgrade Thanks
  4. Help With Part Number Identification ?

    no part number but it sure looks like this
  5. Pennsylvania Brembo Brakes

    This is a good deal. If i didn't already have these i would buy. Free bump! :like:
  6. Ford performance camper plates replacement bolts

    Hi Guys, I got a quick question. Does anyone know what are the blots that go into the ford performance camber plates? I was tightening one down and it snapped off. From the looks of it it can be pressed in as it has splines like the lower strut bolts. the part is KR3V-18184-AC It's a tough...
  7. How to add Mycolor?

    No worries man. Those I am not sure of myself.
  8. How to add Mycolor?

    so the premium cluster info is all in here
  9. How to add Mycolor?

    didn't go through this fully but this should help
  10. How to add Mycolor?

    Hey man, I have a 17 but the 18+ have everything there you just need to install the bulbs. there was a post by another user, Edison I believe that did this to his car and found that you just need to program the modules.
  11. new computer

    So for my customers, they deal with drawings and .pdf's that can be large. Because video cards are at a premium now I can throw more at the chip, motherboard, and drive that will give them a better experience. So a regular NVMe drive has write speeds of up to 3000 Mbps. The PCI-e 4 drives are...
  12. new computer

    NVMe is the way to go with a board paired with the latest chips This is what I am building for my customers currently The board will accept the PCIe 4 drives and is PCIe 5 ready for faster drives when they become a bit cheaper. You can add a wireless chip...
  13. Post pictures of your animals

    Some of my wife's birds...
  14. Fathers Day Swag!

    My son gave me this for Father's day! Smiles all week so far!
  15. Heated Steering wheel retrofit for 15-17 completed (Plus 18's and up)

    Mines is installed but not hooked in yet. Not sure where to get power and have not been well for a while. Hope to finish it later this summer when I add the heated and cooled seats If anyone can specify the source for power I would really appreciate it.
  16. Ecoboost GT PP Brembo Brake Upgrade

    Not racing these. Just want to get the advantages of the brembo's Looks like i have everything from the ford performance kit except the dust shields I am second guessing if I need a different bracket or if i have to change the MC. I have a 2017 base ecoboost Thanks
  17. Ecoboost GT PP Brembo Brake Upgrade

    So will the calipers mount to the current knuckle. I wonder what other parts i will need? Thanks
  18. Ecoboost GT PP Brembo Brake Upgrade

    So I got mines from Shelby on ebay. I have a base mustang and I got the calipers, the lines attached to the calipers and the rotors. I just need to get the dust shields. The dust shields are the only thing missing from the kit from CJPonyparts. So, with mines being a non pp ecoboost do I need to...
  19. Trying to add Lane Keeping Assist and Adaptive CC (2018+ version)

    Hope you and the family are safe out there man. Tough situation to be in Will keep you in our prayers