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  1. Anyone else having problems with A/C blowing hot air -- full time?

    Had this problem a few months ago in my Shelby. Brought it in for service and the A/C worked fine when I tried to replicate problem for the Advisor. I left it with dealer for 2 days and they still could not get it to replicate problem. A/C worked fine for few months, but again today -- when...
  2. Any good ideas for cell phone mounting devices and locations on dash?

    simple, dumb, but maybe useful question. I've bought a couple but they don't stay mounted.
  3. Race Red 2016 Track Pak at CARMAX in Burbank

    2K miles, no stripes, they're asking $59,800. Don't know if it belonged to a Board member. I was just there selling something else and I saw it. A little weird seeing it for sale at CARMAX considering all the months of anticipation and wrangling and wailing about ADM we all went through to...
  4. Anyone else having problems with the A/C not working?

    Some days it works fine, but recently I've had days where the A/C blows but not cold at all, no matter what I do. Then next couple of days I've had it work fine again. One day it wouldn't blow cold until I put the driver's seat cooler on. Any ideas what's going on?
  5. Recommendations for service dept. in LA area for 350 oil change?

    Anyone try Galpin or Star Lincoln Ford in Glendale? Sunrise Ford in N. Hollywood is closest but seems to not have good service. I wanna make sure they know how to work on 350s -- especially with the loose oil filter issues. Thanks!
  6. Key Fob Remote Range -- Wow!

    Not the most important feature of our cars, but have you guys checked out the range of the key fob? I park in a huge 7-story open-air concrete parking structure. One day I forgot where I parked. I was on top level of garage (7th floor) and clicked the remote and heard my horn beeping far away...
  7. Track Day Drivers - What are you doing about the lack of Tow Hooks on the car?

    Many car clubs and track day companies strongly recommend that front and/or rear tow hooks be put on for fast towing before you can go on track. Our GT350s don't have any tow hook receivers or attachment points. The Manual states that the only safe way to tow is using the J hooks and the...
  8. 2 Questions: Steering response"feel" mod and Steering Wheel top center stripe

    1. Reviewers and Members here have remarked that the steering feels "numb" and gives little road feedback in most situations. Anybody working on a mod that can address this issue? Maybe lower or cut the level of electric boost? I used to have an Audi Allroad with the same issue. They figured...
  9. What are the chances of Ford increasing production of GT350 to meet demand levels?

    Seems like dealers will easily be selling the 1 or 2 or 5 GT350s we hear they're getting for their 2016 Allocation. Why wouldn't Ford just increase annual production numbers to meet demand? Why leave all those sales behind?