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  1. ChipYourCar

    Don't waste your money and save for a real upgrade if you want more power. I would get the new thread going about how it damaged your motor and Ford is denying any warranty claims.
  2. pics of M1s with no stripes

    I don't see it? ...
  3. Mach 1 Cup2 Uneven Wear

    Could be an alignment issue, but to be honest its probably just more the nature of the Cup2 tire. Mine wore pretty damn even and still didn't last long. The Cup2 is a track tire in street tire clothes. It really isn't meant for the street imo and shouldn't be expected to last too long. I was...
  4. 2024 Mach 1 replacement

    I haven't had a chance to read this whole post, but those saying the Mach 1 isn't special anymore because of the Dark Horse edition or planning to dump their Mach 1 after this reveal should've just bought a GT :crackup:
  5. Mach 1 Cup2 Uneven Wear

    These are just how cup 2's are. I swapped mine out for PS4s at ~2k minutes and based on my measurements they only had half their life left. I never tracked the car either.
  6. MGW Shifter for Mach1

    Sure I can do that next time I run out to the garage. Just know you don't need to buy anything extra from Billetworkz outside of the knob itself. No need for any reverse lockout pieces from them. The MGW shifter is just a threaded rod at the top, so all you really need to do is thread on the jam...
  7. MGW Shifter for Mach1

    No it just works with the MGW shifter if you choose the correct vehicle type ( Vehicle: Ford Mustang '15+ (12x1.25mm) ). I will say all was not lost. The jam nut from MGW is super high quality and it works perfectly with the billetworkz knob. I can post a pic sometime if that would interest you.
  8. MGW Shifter for Mach1

    Yes this was the video! I couldn't remember which it was and it wasn't showing in my history when I was looking the first looking. One more wrench in all this (a minor one) I ended up not using the MGW knob for long. It is actually lighter than the stock knob and found for comfort I wanted...
  9. 2022 Mach 1 Exhaust

    Move the exhaust to quiet and with my H pipe it is still more than ok quiet. But anything outside of that is quite a bit louder than stock for sure:crackup:
  10. MGW Shifter for Mach1

    To be honest it was just in a few different videos I had found online searching the same question. I never tried it and just went with their knob because of it, but I could be wrong as I never tried.
  11. MGW Shifter for Mach1

    I went with an MGW white ball shifter to keep it looking mostly stock. I think the height is fine but it is definitely a touch lower than stock. I have heard trying to go with the stock ball on the MGW makes it much shorter, too short even.
  12. Second gear hiss on a Mach 1 with Tremec?

    I think a big enough stink would need to be caused and then it probably would only warrant a TSB. Maybe adding something would help, but to be honest, it could be a number of things. When you drop the trans down and back up with the MGW install, you may also be "realigning" it that way. I think...
  13. Second gear hiss on a Mach 1 with Tremec?

    You may very well be right. I can tell you if you are going to go to the trouble to get this done, if you have the cash you might as well just replace it all. It is not easy to get at. The MGW guide was very good, I had a few interesting issues though. I couldn't get the trans to lower enough...
  14. Second gear hiss on a Mach 1 with Tremec?

    Well it seems we have all landed on this bring a sound due to the shifter linkage. I am finally done with my MGW shifter install and the sound is totally gone. Definitely a shifter linkage issue.
  15. Second gear hiss on a Mach 1 with Tremec?

    This is exactly as mine is too. As I said earlier today I am starting to swap out the shifter to the MGW. I will report back if anything changes, if nothing changes I am fine with that as I wanted to buy one anyways and this noise and a slight chance of it going away after install put me over...
  16. Second gear hiss on a Mach 1 with Tremec?

    Yeah the trans uses a pretty low vis oil. I think that is by design, I wouldn't put a high vis oil in it from what I have heard, but agree if the noise is within the trans it might help putting something thicker in.
  17. 2022 Mach 1 (non performance) Recall Notice - Evaporative Emissions Canister Inspection / Replacement

    I understand both sides of this as I too get weird around dealers, but know some things I cannot do myself. I have been to many incompetent dealers, one case where a small rattle turned into the dealer having to replace a water pump because they broke it "diagnosing" the rattle. Like how does...
  18. Second gear hiss on a Mach 1 with Tremec?

    For the hell of it, I ordered an MGW shifter and it is set to be delivered today. Between ordering/deliver it was ~5 days. Really impressed by that since I heard it is usually 4-5 weeks. I am off next week and plan to install. I am not sure if it will make a difference in the issue, but I had...
  19. Gauges

    I replaced my vac/oil pressure gauge with the GT350 one that shows oil preesure/oil temp. It is totally plug and play and looks stock obviously. The car should've come with this gauge pack imo.
  20. Second gear hiss on a Mach 1 with Tremec?

    Just phoned the dealer, no TSB's or anything related to the issue. I don't want to take it in necessarily because I have chased weird issues like this in the past where more ended up getting broken in the process (not at this dealer, but just others working on my cars in the past). I definitely...