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  1. I don't feel a sense of accomplishment...

    When I turned 18 I found out my mom used my SSN and I was 30k in debt and had my bank account frozen. Be grateful and move on.
  2. New player in town , Challenger 1320

    Congrats on the new 1320. I miss my Scat Pack.
  3. What colors do you wish would return?

    Gotta Have it Green.
  4. Grabber Lime GT500

    Interesting. This new color looks like Dodge Sublime Green... I like the other color they showed better. What's going on here?
  5. Grabber Lime Revealed for 2020 Mustang Lineup, Including GT350 and GT500

    Color is absolutely stunning. Well done Ford!
  6. North Carolina Roll Call!!!

    I avoid the Mopar groups there. My car stays off and I left normal. I always park with the G8 guys. No need to call attention when the place is constantly monitored by police.
  7. North Carolina Roll Call!!!

    You're not lying I haven't been to one since they got kicked out of the mall by the airport.
  8. Finally made it to the track, LPF TT, 93+meth

    Man that car looking good! Just saw this posted. Well done!

    Yep I had the same issues with headers from him years ago as well. Any time I can post anything pertaining to the piece of shit he is I will gladly do so.
  11. 4 Door Mustang Coming soon

    I would love a 4 door Mustang, but not in name. Give it the power plant and call it the Falcon. Miss the Aussie V8's.
  12. NEED FOR GREEN S550 MUSTANG thread

    Good luck! Hopefully you snag the best color available.
  13. NEED FOR GREEN S550 MUSTANG thread

    2 dealers local to me have NFG. It calls for me. I don't think I can go back to a 2 seater but it's tempting as all hell. The stripe has to go though. Wife gives me the "not again..." look every time we drive by the dealer.
  14. AM or LMR which website do you use

    I've ordered with AM, LMR, etc. My favorites to deal with have always been Hypermotive and Beefcake. Whatever you do, don't order from Marylandspeed.
  15. For those who have lost money to Maryland Speed

    Yeah I posted this in the thread about MS below this one. He deserves this and then some, glad charges finally brought up against him.

    Not just here, go to any automotive forum.
  17. MARYLAND SPEED - BUYER BEWARE!!! Here is some more great news!
  18. Is there any thread or faq that explains how leasing works?

    Love how you're trying to turn this around. The OP asked for information about leasing, I provided him with info and a link to research. What have you provided the OP?
  19. Is there any thread or faq that explains how leasing works?

    No that's not what I'm saying. Please I'd love to see where I said that, please provide that info for me thanks! I'm saying he should be left to make that decision versus internet armchair financial experts. He was looking for info about leasing, that is all. Not financial gains on the...
  20. Is there any thread or faq that explains how leasing works?

    This isn't a debate for lease vs buying. It was questions about leasing, if you don't like leasing or know how it works, then obviously this thread isn't for you. Move along you aren't adding anything into this thread at all. It's like a manual vs auto thread.