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  1. Pulling half-shafts out of the diff?

    I have had good luck with these, worked great on the wife's Mazda.
  2. Test Drives

    I knew our dealer had one on order, I scheduled an appointment, went in the door with about 40% down and my own financing. I wanted the car, but, didn't need it and I let them know that. After arguing about ADM and a test drive, I walked. I made it 4 steps out the door and the sales manager...
  3. Morning Laugh or ....

    Electronic warfare engineer here........SOB, there is a trend.
  4. 2019 GT500 Mustang New Spy Video, Pics, Info

    Ok guys, I just got back from Track Attack, the instructors mentioned they are working on a GT500 driving program. No, I did not see one there, nor did they care to elaborate on what the program was to be.
  5. 2019 GT350?

    I just got back from Track Attack, the instructors made mention of a new GT500 driving program in the works, just like the GT350 driving program . Nothing more but a bunch of secretive smiles.
  6. Green Filter for the GT350 intake?

    I have never really believed the hype, I can see a little better flow, but not as much as they say. I like them because I can clean and reuse over many years vs. throwing stuff away.
  7. Green Filter for the GT350 intake?

    I have never heard of said company, how do they compare to K&N, S&B, Airaid, etc?
  8. Any GT 350 non R owners do a resonator delete and regret it?

    Same here, love it. Wife came home and grabbed keys, said she had to take it for a spin, was gone almost 45 minutes.........Shifteck FTW!
  9. M-5300-W FP spring rates

    Make that 2 of us........:doh:
  10. Stock x pipe

    That's the first radius of the "X".
  11. Stock x pipe

    Here ya go.
  12. Stock x pipe

    No problem. I will get them up ASAP.
  13. Stock x pipe

    It is a true X pipe, it looked like there is a small neck down when the pipe hits the X "fitting". I say that because it almost reminds me of a plumbing/gas fitting. I just had the Shifteck pipe done, quick and easy job, sounds better too. I can take a picture of the old X pipe and post it...
  14. Can I use Mobil 1?

    Sorry about the formatting, it doesn't want to play nice.
  15. Can I use Mobil 1?

    I run Mobil 1 with no concerns, I did a ton of research prior to running. I will put a small bit of info below, you can do you own research prior to running what you want. I based mine off of API rating. Motorcraft® 5W-50 Full Synthetic Motor Oil PRODUCT TYPICALS SAE Grade 5W-50 API...
  16. installing battery tenders

    I have heard good stuff about CTEK. I have used Battery Tender brand for years, never had problems, I stayed with them. No pics, but, I ran mine to the battery and ground to the factory ground on the strut tower, ran it in the loom, looks just fine. kind of wish I would have thought about the...
  17. Best Financing Rates?

  18. Best Financing Rates?

    Got 1.99/48 at local credit union, I had Ford check before signing, they could only get 2.99/60 or 3.49/72. We went in with cash and financing, cause I knew Ford would be high.