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  1. AC doesn't work when its hot outside

    So i Know there have been a lot of issues with the AC evaporator on these cars. But I am not sure that is the cause of my issue. The AC works very well if the outside temp is about 70 or below. When it is about 75 out the AC will run for a few minutes then cut off and start blowing hot air. When...
  2. Headers smoking

    To start I have a 2016 GT PP with 21k Miles. For the past week or two I have noticed a burning smell (Smells like burning rubber mixed with smoldering engine oil) at stop lights when i have the windows down or have the A/C pulling in air from out side. This morning I noticed faint smoke coming...
  3. Strut clearance

    Hi All, I have 285/35/19 tires on 19x10 wheels with a 40mm offset. I put these on my front today and measured my tire to strut clearance to be only about 5mm. Is this enough? Car is not lowered and on stock PP springs Thanks
  4. Brembo Cold weather performance

    Does anyone else have less initial bite with the brembos in cold weather below 20F? I notice if I haven't used the brakes in a bit, like when coming off the highway, the initial bite is lower. I assume this is just because the pads/rotors need a bit of heat in them.
  5. Click When shifting

    I've searched the forums to no avail On my 2016 GTPP I get a click (felt sometimes heard) when shifting shifting from 2 to 3 and 3 to 4. Is the the notchyness everyone talks about? The "click" is audible when cold and usually associated with a wee bit of syncro nibble. when warm (after 10+...