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  1. A good front splitter that will work with Non PP car?

    Hi Guys, I wanted to add a good front splitter that will work with the NON PP lower configuration since I don't feel like spending $1000 on a PP lower set up. Anyone know any that will just bolt up...
  2. How to TURN-ON Park-Aid??

    Hi Guys- I accidentally shut off the rear PARK-AID while adjusting the active exhaust while backing up ughhhh!!! How do i re-activate it? Thanks Anthony
  3. Question about these circular yellow stains in paint?

    Hi guys, 21 Rapid red metallic GT here. Just added the new GT500 spoiler w Gurney flap over weekend. While removing the old 3M tape from blade wing that came w car I ended up using this rubber eraser on my drill. Well, I got the 3m tape off, but now it seems I have the deep yellow swirl...
  4. Heavy GT500 wing and heavy duty trunk struts?

    Hi Guys, I just added the new GT500 wing and noticed my old trunk struts struggling to open. Is there a heavier strut that i can go with? Thanks Anthony
  5. GT500 wing w Gurney flap and carwashes?

    Hi guys, Anyone else installed the GT500 wing and Gurney flap on there stang? Any issues w automated carwashes damaging the gurney flap? Just wanted to make sure before I run stang through a carwash. Thanks Anthony
  6. Steeda rear IRS bracing and BMR Jack Rails?? will they work together........

    Hi Guys, 21 GT here, I have Steeda rear IRS bracing on the stang, I want to add BMR jack rail, will this combo work? I know lots of people will say just get steeda rails, but i have had some crappy experience with steeda powder coating and there rails look thin and not upto BMRs build...
  7. QUESTION -> EXhaust tips on active exhaust? Fabbed/modded or not? Has anyone did..

    Hi Guys- 21 GT here w active exhaust set up, I hate the look of the stock exhaust tips on the car, but love the ACTIVE EXHAUST. Is there anyway the stock tips can just be swapped and not the entire mufflers? Cut & weld new "rolled tips" on like the mach 1 or GT500 but smaller...
  8. Benny! Check PM's!!!!

    Ditto, Thanks Ant
  9. Stock question

    I wanted to check stock and place an order. Anthony
  10. Discount code?

    Hey, Any discount code? Im looking to make a substantial purchase. Please let me know. Thanks Anthony

    Hey guys- I have a 21 non pp GT w the smaller rear wing/blade on car now, looking to install this new rear spoiler FORD PERFORMANCE REAR SPOILER WITH GURNEY FLAP M-16600-FP . Is this spoiler a direct fit, plug and play rip the old one off and slap the new one on.. or is it a project...
  12. GT500 or Mach 1 Tailpipes?

    Hi Guys- I have a 2021 GT w stock active exhaust and those horrible razor blade exhaust tips lol.. I am truly in love with the GT500 and Mach 1 exhaust "tips" set up, can i just swap to there tips? or does the entire both muffler's have to be ordered in order to get them...
  13. Decklids??

    Hi all, Do all year (2015-2022) decklids fit all S550s? Or is there slight issues that can be modified to work. Thanks in advance my S550 gurus!! Anthony
  14. UnderHood insulation cover removal?

    Hi Guys, How many members have removed there underhood insulation cover? I just added the SCHROPP upper strut tower brace and it seems to be hitting the underhood cover, causing pitting marks on polished aluminum whenever it rains or i wash the car. I think if i remove it wont hit...
  15. BENNY!!! Help..check your PM's!!

    Thanks Anthony
  16. TINTING windows?!????... how do you stop window from going up to seal that 1/4 inch...

    Hi Guys, I'm planning on tinting the windows on stang soon. Just wondering how do you prevent the front windows from sliding up that 1/4 inch when u initially close your doors? I know your not supposed to open windows for 3 to 5 days to allow tinting to dry and don't want the windows...
  17. Which Ceramic coating? NEW DECKLID*

    Hi guys, I just got a new decklid and want to apply some real ceramic coating on it against scratches etc.. which brand is good for this? Thanks Anthony
  18. Benny! CHECK YOU PM!!!

    Hi Benny- Please check your PM!!! Thanks Anthony
  19. Who makes a "line-less" clean decklid?

    Hi Guys- My decklid has gotten all these small cracks in it, "DRAKE INDUSTRIES" brand and i need to buy a new clean decklid, who makes a good one that wont crack prematurely? I had the drake decklid on car for only 1 year and this happened, not cool... poor quality. I would love one with...
  20. Guys who ordered the SCHROPP Strut tower brace? Please chime in.... How was your experience?

    hi guys, Guys who ordered the SCHROPP Strut tower brace? Please chime in.... How was your experience dealing with them? Especially overseas in Germany? DHL & USPS shipping? & there customer service? I placed an order with them for the ROUSH strut tower brace a week ago, they shipped...