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  1. 1/2 mile thread!

    Me... I'll be calling your trap speeds. Come holler at me if you get the chance. I try to catch up with all the S550 guys when I get the opportunity.
  2. 2018 Mustang GT Revealed (Video)!!

    Absolutely not a fan. The moment I saw the original S550, I knew my STI was getting sold. If I didn't already own an S550 and saw this thing.... I'd buy a Camaro. That front end looks horrendous.
  3. Curb Checked MRR FS01's

    Huge shout out to CarlosMRRDesignWheels and ElementWheels for working with me on getting a replacement wheel. Great service and companies!
  4. Curb Checked MRR FS01's

    Following my wife into a narrow entrance into a jewelry store today I curb checked my bronze MRR FS01's. Wanted to know if you guys can repair, or what it would cost me to replace the one rim. I do not want to drive around with that rash, so let me know soon. Thanks!
  5. MSD 2-step PRICE REDUCED!!

    I'll take it if it's available.
  6. 14 GT vs S550's observation

    I've had a love hate relationship with the IRS to be honest. Gave Steeda a lot of money to get it sorted out. Oh and then there are the toothpick half shafts. 435 at the crank.... toothpick half shafts....
  7. 14 GT vs S550's observation

    Silly S197 owner. Stock is for kids. Gen II Coyotes breath hot fire compared to Gen I Coyotes after boost is added. #boostlife
  8. Anyone trade down from a GT to an Ecoboost?

    The GT350 is badass. I would try so hard not to modify it... I mean I'd try.... and probably fail.... #boostlife
  9. Anyone trade down from a GT to an Ecoboost?

    LOL, the GT350 owners. The true master race! All 20 of them! :lol::lol::lol::lol: No but seriously, had I known there was going to be a GT350 I would have waited, because I've already put more than the difference in price into my GT :D.
  10. Steeda's Holiday Sale - Save Up To 30% Off Steeda Manufactured Parts

    I'm looking at a painted front fascia. Does the discount include that? The listed price for this part number - 028-S550-FASCIA is $1194.95. If I get % off of that, we have a deal.
  11. Owner loyalty thread with poll, how many mustangs have u owned?

    1st and last Mustang here. Not because I hate my car, it's awesome. I just like a bit of everything. I had a pair of Subarus, and now own a Mustang and Challenger. Next up I'm going European.
  12. 2017 Wards 10 Best Engines List

    Man there are only a couple V6s on that list.... and one straight 6. Sign of the times....
  13. Anyone trade down from a GT to an Ecoboost?

    Take it easy. This is actually one of the tamer versions of this thread. People are passionate about what they drive, that's all. If anything, the question that the OP asked has yet to be answered.... Has anyone traded an S550 GT in for an S550 EB?
  14. Just got rear ended... and she doesn't want to go through insurance?

    Insurance. Get your car rental and decreased value. You don't owe her shit.
  15. What would you get?

    Hopefully when you say Charger, I hope you mean one of the 6.4L variants (Scat Pack or SRT). If that's the case, go with that. The cars sound awesome with factory pipes, and if you want a little more noise you can pay a muffler shop $150 to delete the mufflers. They also come with factory...
  16. Day 6 of our 12 Days of Christmas Sale: 20% OFF ALL Mcleod Products!!

    This sale is great and all, but waiting for the right day to get the discount on what I want to buy is annoying. Especially when that day falls on a weekend. Would love to see this done differently next year. Waiting for Diode Dynamics day now....
  17. Buying an aluminator have a couple questions......

    I bought one, but I let my shop handle all the logistics. Unless someone else chimes in, I'll ask tomorrow to see what came with it.
  18. 2017 Mustang6G Calendars are For Sale!

    Got mine a few days back. Awesome job getting this together.
  19. Anyone trade down from a GT to an Ecoboost?

    1) What happens when one tunes the GT? $700 gets you a used SCT X4 an intake and tune. Maybe even used 47 lb injectors. So you've got an E85 GT vs a tune only EB? 2) .7 seconds is quite a bit of time when going head to head. That's actually a couple car lengths. Doesn't seem like much when you...