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  1. 2023 Mustang Order Guide released [updated with PDF] - U.S. & Canada

    No GT500, and no Cyber Orange or Brittany Blue. Other than that, looks like everything is a carryover from MY22, including Mischievous Purple and Eruption Green. Admin update - added Order Guide PDF U.S. ORDER GUIDE 9/21/2022 - DOWNLOAD PDF CANADA ORDER GUIDE 9/21/2022 - DOWNLOAD PDF
  2. Aftermarket Coolant Temp Gauge

    I have a '22 GT... looking to add a Glowshift aftermarket coolant temp gauge. Looking to see how others have set up an adapter while retaining the factory sensor.
  3. Flat Rock down again

    For those that didn't already know, Flat Rock was only supposed to be down down yesterday and this past Thursday...apparently now they're gonna be shut down all of next week as well. UGH.