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  1. BNIB: Pair Of Rear RaceStar 17x9.5 Wheels With Lugs

    For Sale: Pair of RaceStar Wheels in the black finish. 17x9.5" rears. Never mounted, 1 box still sealed, the other opened to take pics only. Comes with RaceStar closed-end lugs for the 15-19 Mustang. $450 shipped to 48 states. Firm on price as they are brand new. Accept PayPal or cash if you...
  2. GT :15-18 Covercraft Deluxe Custom Fit Cover - 50th Logo

    For Sale: 15-18 Covercraft Delue Custom Fit Cover with the 50th Anniversary hood logo. Used indoors. No rips or stains. No longer have the vehicle is the reason for selling. This is the exact one from American Muscle: $150...
  3. GT 2018 JLT CAI

    For Sale: JLT CAI for the 2018 Mustang GT. Used for approx.. 4K miles. Complete kit with instructions. Tune is required. Reason for selling is that I no longer have the vehicle. $200 shipped to the 48 states via PayPal.
  4. GT 2018 JLT v3.0 OIL SEPARATOR

    For Sale: JLT V3.0 Oil Separator for the 2018 GT. Clear anodized finish. Worked great, no longer have the vehicle. $100 shipped to the 48 states via PayPal payment.
  5. 2018 with Drag Mode

    Those that have a 2018...are you able to turn off Advance Trac in Drag Mode? I have the toggles on the center stack. I can toggle the Traction Control off, but no amount of time holding it equals any sort of message about Advance Trac turning on or off. In Track mode, I can toggle off...
  6. Well I got rid of my '15 Mustang Premium....

    3 days ago my black-colored 15 GT with manual tranny and 13,000miles was traded in and my wife and I bought a new Ford Edge. Sync3, panoramics, turbo, remote start...all that jazz. Pretty nice and fits our family size perfectly. I spent the last couple weeks converting my car back to stock from...
  7. SOLD Bob's Ultimate Pass. Side Oil Separator

    I have for sale a used, Bob's Ultimate Oil Separator for the passenger side pcv. Works awesome!!! This is the brushed finish, with black braided hoses/ aluminum AN fittings. Factory connectors already installed for you as this came off my personal car. The hoses are custom length for the...
  8. HELP Vacuum Line Identification

    I need some help finding a part number for this vacuum line assembly off of a stock intake manifold. It runs from the brake booster to the front of the manifold. Anybody know? Better yet, if you have one I will buy it from you!!! Paypal ready!!!!
  9. SOLD Rear Drag Setup 17x9.5" Darkstar/Bias Ply

    Will not ship. Selling my Racestar Darkstar rear setup off of my S550. Wheels are 17x9.5" with 28x11.5" Mickey Thompson ET Street R BIAS PLY tires. Approx. 60% tread left indicated by wear bars. Comes with racestar lug nuts. Center caps have cracks in them. Been like that for a few thousand...
  10. ACT Clutch Experiences????

    Looking to replace my stock clutch soon. Anyone run a ACT clutch in the S550? This would be used with a NA motor, with occasional visits to the strip, on bias ply ET Street R's.
  11. FS: 14" O2 Extensions (Pair) Brand New

    $20 shipped (1) pair of 14" O2 Extensions. Ford plugs, will fit 11-17 Mustangs for sure. May fit other Fords too. Brand new, never used. Cash or Paypal accepted.
  12. FS: 28" O2 Extensions (Pair) Brand New

    $35 shipped (1) pair of 28" O2 Extensions. Ford plugs, will fit 11-17 Mustangs for sure. May fit other Fords too. Brand new, never used.
  13. INJEN AIR INTAKE 106mm

    SOLD!!!! Selling my used, INJEN intake system. I modified the I.D. of the intake tube to 106mm last year, so you will need a tune to run it. No worries as LUND used my setup to create tune files. Comes with my MAF sensor too. Nothing bent, broke, or missing. Intake temps. were nice and stable...
  14. Cincinnati Headers for sale!!!

    Come pick up my headers that are for sale if you live in the Cincinnati area!!!!
  15. Stainless Power Offroad/Factory Connect Headers

    Selling my Stainless Power Offroad/Factory Connect Headers. They were used on my car for approx. 7k miles. No dents, dings or anything like that. Some scratches from install and removal. Comes with some new hardware. You use all of the factory studs on the driver's side so the bolts are still...
  16. Graphing My Lund nGauge Data Logs

    I want to view my data logs that are created from my Lund nGauge. I'm aware that the .csv file can be opened in Excel and looked at (which I do), but I want to see the data in a more in-depth graph form. Is there software that someone can recommend for this? I don't need data logging...
  17. SP/SW Header 3" connection?

    I have the catless, offroad sp/sw headers with the factor connect sized pipe. Can I buy just the section of "S shaped" pipe where it would stays at 3"? If so, anybody have a part# or vendor they could point me to?
  18. NMRA 6/11-6/12 Hebron,OH

    Anybody going to Columbus this weekend for the True Street class? I will be there Saturday running True Street and hopefully bracket racing B3 on Sunday. First time with skinnies up front.
  19. Memorial Day Racestar Sale????

    Any vendors going to have a Racestar wheel sale for the upcoming Memorial Day festivities?:D