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  1. Matt's entry level twin kit makes 1170whp @ Palm Beach Dyno

    Yes sir! MPR built. Stock head castings (no porting) with springs/retainers, sleeved block, Callies 300m rods, Diamond pistons, and arp everything.
  2. Boost works fuel system ?

    No problem.. Sorry they weren't sent when we drew them up a few months back. Andrew was supposed to email all of the customers with this system. Let me know if you have any further questions.
  3. Matt's entry level twin kit makes 1170whp @ Palm Beach Dyno

    It's SAE correction, and the smoothing is turned way up. Switch it to STD correction (like most do), and turn down the smoothing.. those numbers jump to high 1200's. Admittedly though, we're probably about at the limit for the stock manifold based kit. Still, not bad for a $6k kit.
  4. Matt's entry level twin kit makes 1170whp @ Palm Beach Dyno

    Ken just tuned our customer's entry level twin 67mm kit to the tune of 1170whp and 1025wtq on pump E85. SAE correction and smoothing on 5. 24psi.
  5. Boost works fuel system ?

    Sorry bud.. I thought Andrew had sent them to you. Here you go!
  6. Boost Works 1200hp entry level twin turbo kit? Starting around $6k!

    Sorry, I've had a family member pass last week, and another in icu fighting complications from Chemo. I haven't been in the office much. I'll try to get caught up on messages and such this week. Thank you for your patience.
  7. KB 3.2l Palm beach tuned dyno#'s

    Impressive.. makes me scratch my head over here. That's for sure.
  8. Boost Works built twin turbo GT350, hp record!

    We developed our own piston and rod combo. We have 300m Timken billet steel I-beams machined, and use ARP Age 625 alloy 7/16" bolts. These have been tested to 9500rpm and 2300hp in our land speed race engine. We also use a .180" wall H13 tool steel wrist pin, and 10.5:1 C/R 2618 alloy forged...
  9. L&m Intake cam proven gains?

    Mike Rauscher is probably one of a handful of people who actually know how to design camshafts for these engines. That guy is a cylinder head/cam wizard.
  10. Ford NXT article on our 2400hp S550!

    Up to the half mile, it's not too bad.. Then you realize that you have another half to go, and you're already at 200+mph. That's about when all the power rolls in, too. It sounds like all hell is about to break loose in the car. lol
  11. Boost Works built twin turbo GT350, hp record!

    Yeah, it really sounds cool with our 4-1 manifolds. Keeps the sound of the engine from the factory.
  12. Boost Works built twin turbo GT350, hp record!

    No sir.. built/sleeved block with forged internals.
  13. Boost Works built twin turbo GT350, hp record!

    Thanks! It's our customer's street car. Lol It will run Texas Mile or maybe some half mile events at some point.
  14. Boost Works built twin turbo GT350, hp record!

    We've reset the hp record for the GT350 at 1152whp! (Article says 1128, which is a misprint, but the last graph in the article shows the actual number) :)
  15. Ford NXT article on our 2400hp S550! The folks over at Ford NXT interviewed us to discuss our 257mph run, and the upcoming goal of 270mph!
  16. Rear Diff Failure?

    Broken torsen.. First thing I do with a Torsen car in my shop that's going to be on a sticky tire is replace it with a non-torsen pumpkin. Lol
  17. Edelbrock 2650 Stage 2 [email protected]

    As Kenne Bell's biggest S550 dealer, tester, and holding the highest HP supercharged Coyote record, I will 100% back up Whipple, and we don't even sell their product.. Dustin knows his stuff, and while some may not agree with the approach, most are missing the drama that was brought to SEMA and...
  18. Joe's (PC 2015) twin turbo...

    A few pics.. Everything is off at coating now, and should be back in a few days.
  19. Joe's (PC 2015) twin turbo...

    The system as designed has the capability to make around 1000-1100whp. It uses the same tried and true Comp oil-less ball bearing turbos in our Mustang kit. On stock internals and 93 octane, we'll limit him to around 650-700whp. Later, he'll do a fuel system and E85 and be able to make...