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  1. RIP Stan Lee

    You will be missed. December 28, 1922, Manhattan, New York City, NY Died: November 12, 2018
  2. 1967 Mustang Fastback for sale(SOLD)

    $25,000 Gainesville, Virginia I am putting up for sale my 1967 mustang fastback project car as it is clear I won't be able to finish the work any time soon. Originally a 289 3-barrel with 3-speed manual, now has a 1968 302 4-barrel with basic upgrades. 8" rear axle. Original power steering...
  3. Nikon announced new mirrorless cameras

    All new Z-Mount mirrorless cameras announced by Nikon today, the entry level Z6 and the flagship Z7. Z6: approx $2,000 24.5mp 273-Point on-sensor phase detect AF system 5-axis 5-stop in body image stabilization 12fps 4K ultra-HD video; 8K time-lapse; 120/1080P slow motion Z7: approx $3,400...
  4. Fallout 76

    The official trailer dropped today. Definitely excited about the 4x larger world space and the hope that the storyline issues from FO4 have been rectified. [ame] One thing many people have been talking about is the music from the previous teaser trailer; Country Roads by John Denver...
  5. 'Spoiler' tags?

    I'm trying to use [spolier]test[/spoiler] tags to hide a potentially NSFW post(not really, but just being careful) but it doesn't seem to work. Any help?
  6. 2019 ZR1 at the dragstrip.

    I'm not going to put much stock in the ET's given the street tires and it being so new, but the driver can definitely shift so I wouldn't immediately call for a driver mod. The trap speed however isn't that great IMO. In one of their earlier videos they dyno'd the car and it put 668hp to the...
  7. Exhaust advice

    Hey guys and gals, I have a customer at my shop with a '17 ecoboost that he bought for his teenage daughter. She wants a little more exhaust volume(actually she wanted a GT but dad said no haha) and obviously the parents are hesitant. For the GT a simple mod is to remove the resonator to get a...
  8. NoVA wrench party

    I don't post too many threads but I wanted to reach out to my local forum members. I recently brought my '67 fastback project car to my shop and I'm now unsure how to proceed. This is my ultimate dream car and I dropped my entire life savings into doing the body restoration. That was done back...
  9. Mustang Rolling Thunder

    Would any members participate in a 'Rolling Thunder'-type cruise on Memorial Day? Obviously not motorcycles, but some of our cars are certainly loud enough. My family and I will likely be visiting Arlington Cemetary where my brother is resting(KIA Iraq) but we could probably just cruise...
  10. Koons Ford Sterling, VA still has 3 LE's in stock

    Listed at or close to MSRP. Kona, 6MT, $49,995 Kona, 6MT, $51,995
  11. Northern Virginia Members

    I've been trying to schedule a meet on other forums, might as well try here as well. I'm currently in Vienna but moving to Sterling this month. It would be pretty awesome to get a group together either just to chat or maybe take a trip to the drag strip.