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  1. FS: Ford Racing Sport Catback & Steeda IRS Braces (East SF Bay Area)

    Car is gone. Still have the exhaust in my storage. Added the Steeda IRS braces. If you're interested make me a reasonable offer in PM.
  2. "GT's" Magnetic PP GT Surprise Delivery!!!

    The height is set at the factory before they align it. The thing is, with the Z07 package you get springs that are 62% stiffer in the front and 22% stiffer in the rear. Also stiffer bushings and the Magnetic ride shocks are tuned with more aggresive damping. With this setup you only get about...
  3. "GT's" Magnetic PP GT Surprise Delivery!!!

    Hey CG11: Since we talked about it here, I thought I would update you and let you know I got my Z06 yesterday after all schedules aligned! I got the LG spindles to lower it, since the Z07 springs won't drop much with the stock adjusters. Going to put them in after I hit the 500 mile...
  4. What did you do to your S550 Mustang today?!

    Thanks you, Yes... it's pretty much fully loaded and has the Z07 package. Thank you. Well, for right now it is my daily, but that is a bit of a problem with any weather as the Sport Cup 2 tires are basically street slicks. We have rain today and tomorrow in the immediate forecast, so I'm...
  5. What did you do to your S550 Mustang today?!

    Sold it. Thanks to everyone here over the last year and a half or so, it was a lot of fun and interesting reading!
  6. Video: Installing Dual-Color Front Turn & Sidemarker LEDs! BIG front-end upgrade!

    :thumbsup: Well, hell. They can't even keep the website running right, so I've jumped off the ship of hoping these ever come out.
  7. Whipple Time

    Looks very nice!
  8. FS: Ford Racing Sport Catback & Steeda IRS Braces (East SF Bay Area)

    I've had the JLT on the car since it was new and I'm okay with it for now. Responded.
  9. FS: Ford Racing Sport Catback & Steeda IRS Braces (East SF Bay Area)

    Hey, I have a Ford Racing Sport catback with the polished tips that I had pulled off the car after a couple months. I had the system welded together like the OEM system because I hate clamps and leaks, so I can't really ship it. I would rate this in a 8.5 or 9 out of 10 because I don't...
  10. What did you do to your S550 Mustang today?!

    Moving off the island?
  11. "GT's" Magnetic PP GT Surprise Delivery!!!

    Cool. I see you have a Trailhawk, I had one of those too. We had a 2014 V6 but traded it recently for a JKU Rubicon Hard Rock. I'll be looking for your next videos. My Z51 order looked like this: Arctic White 2LT Z51 Coupe MN7 Mag Ride Black interior with MicroSuede inserts Exposed CF roof...
  12. "GT's" Magnetic PP GT Surprise Delivery!!!

    Congrats. Reminds me of when my Z51 order came in on March 6th of '14. :) This week I think I'm going to place an order for a 2016 Z06 and trade in the 2014. Enjoy the car, they are awesome. Oh, what options did you end up selecting on the order sheet?
  13. My local Audi dealer seemed desperate.

    One thing I learned from this thread: I should export my Mustang to the UK and sell it now. :D I have been thinking about trading it away recently and KBB estimates that the value of my car that had a $44k MSRP (I paid X-Plan) is $27k after only 9 months and 8,000 miles. That's the worst...
  14. 2015 Owners-Biggest Surprises/Disappointments so far

    I'm having a hard time remembering my last car that didn't have the weight sensor.... I think it was my '04 C5. That car just had a switch in the glove box to turn it off. Today some of the systems will deploy airbags at different rates and fill volumes based on weight of the occupant.
  15. Trolls Who Own Mustangs

    I agree. I would remove them just because I like it cleaner. I did it on my other car, which has no locator holes: I left the front and rear flags as they are placed in indentations in the bumper covers and are pretty flush and don't catch a towel. I don't think I would...
  16. Trolls Who Own Mustangs

    Factory Five, Superformance and the others have not impacted the price of a real AC Cobra and they have been making cheap versions for almost 2 decades. No matter what, people still value the rare and original.
  17. Is it wrong to love the UPS man as much as I do???

    I love my UPS guy, but many times he doesn't like me (Just kidding, he's come buy to hang out on off-hours and talk cars). He actually will deliver signature required packages when I'm not home and will hide them for me in a spot we discussed. Here's an older example order he had to deliver I...
  18. Adding do you do it safely?

    Curious, any idea how much power is pulled by the tune for nitrous when you are not spraying? Wondering about the impact on daily WOT w/o the juice.
  19. Roush Active Exhaust

    Yes, I understand your points, and mentioned it a little myself. Maybe I'm spoiled that Chevy has had active as an upgrade (new mufflers, tips and actuators that work with the programming of the cars) for ~$1000. forever. Heck, even my little VW Golf R had an active system as the default...
  20. Roush Active Exhaust

    Hey Kyle, I know you want to defend your product and I agree with that fully, but your comments about the competition can be turned around on you too: Axle Back quad kit: $1034.99 Rear Valance to accept quad tips: $207.99 Active upgrade: ~$1600 So, about $2842.98 + Shipping and any sales/use...