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  1. Sirius station availability

    I've got a 2016 GT and my wife has a 2020 Jeep Wrangler. She can get stations in the 300+ range but I can't. Same package from Sirius. Anyone else able to get those higher stations? Is there an update to the radio to allow those stations?
  2. CoronaVirus Road Trip 2020

    My company is considered "essential" since we provide equipment/support to the beverage / pharmaceutical industry. We are currently working on a very large piece of equipment for a pharma company. Corporate office is in WI and I’m in GA. Boss says "We need you up here." I go. I chose not...
  3. Steeda Chassis Upgrades Installed

    First let me tell you about myself and my driving style. I'm 53 and a first time Mustang owner. My first and only performance car prior to this was a 1973 Roadrunner I bought in 1982. My last performance vehicle was a 2000 Honda VFR800 sportbike. I'm no longer a limit pusher. I don't need...
  4. H-Pipe Crossover Location

    I'm looking for an H-Pipe to go along with my Roush axle-backs. I've noticed that the cross-over is at different locations from vendor to vendor. Is there an advantage to having the crossover closer to the engine or farther? Can this impact sound and / or performance?
  5. What does Mustang have in common with U2 spy plane?

    On my flight to Sacramento yesterday, I sat next to a guy whose son was in the Air Force and stationed at Biele AFB which we were flying over at the time. He said U2 spy planes fly out of there. Because of the unique nature of this plane it needs a spotter during takeoff and landing. They...
  6. 2 sets of different wheels/tires - Alignment needed?

    OK, I'm new to having two sets of wheels/tires for a vehicle. I have a GT PP and will be using my original wheels 9"/9.5" for all-season tires this fall. I will put on stock tire sizes 255/40R19 and 275/40R19. I'm looking at new summer wheels 9.5"/10" with 255/40R19 and 285/35/19 tires...
  7. Great GA/NC road trip

    Below is a link to part of a trip I did today. Excellent driving roads with lots of twisty sections. First time I've had my Mustang on tight roads like this and it did really good. Never had a loss of confidence once...
  8. Documentary on the building of the Mustang

    circa recent BOSS 302 and GT500. Pretty good 45 min documentary on the manufacturing process at the Mustang plant in Michigan. [ame=""]