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  1. 409 rear gear results

    Has anyone installed 4.09 rear gear on a a10 pp1 mustang. Was wondering what the car pickup in the quarter mile time.Thanks
  2. Illinois Circle D convertor

    wtb circle d convertor.2018 pp1 n/a car
  3. Torque convertors

    Have a 2018 a10 gt that i bracket race and street drive.Was thinking on installing a convertor.Anyone install one and what was the results.Dragstrip results please.Wondering if its worth the money.
  4. Trans brake

    I know you can get a trans brake tune but looking to leave with wot.Was wondering if you could preset rpm through a tune such as 2500rpm and leave with foot on floor.Release paddle shifter and go.I bracket race and this would be nice.Was wondering if they could command the throttle to hold rpm...
  5. Help installing rtd tune.

    Anyone in illinois that can help me install a tune with rtd and data log.Thanks
  6. Illinois Billet specialties from rims

    Looking for billet specalties front win lite rims,must be for 18 gt pp1 with brembo front calipers.
  7. Illinois Drag Radials

    Looking for mickey thompson ss drag radials.275 40 17
  8. Illinois Billet Specialties front rims

    Looking for billet specialties front rims,18 mustang pp1 .
  9. Steeda closed cold air intake

    Anyone have any dragracing info on this on how they perform.I dragrace my 18 10speed pp1 alot its stock on e85,and just wondering if its works.Thanks.
  10. p51 cold air intake

    Anyone use the p51 cold air intake at the dragstrip,and if so how did it perform agaisnt stock.Thanks
  11. Seeking sponsorship

    After dragracing motorcyles for about 40 years ive decided to go with a 18 mustang gt.I have cradle lockouts and a vmp e85 tune.New to the car group and really don,t have a clue who to even contact.I don,t have a youtube. channel,just to old lol.Well any support with products would be...
  12. E85 tune

    Anyone using a e85 vmp tune on a na car.If so what was the results.18 mustang and up please.Thanks
  13. Illinois Drag pack wanted

    Looking for a drag pack for my 18 mustang gt pp1.The must clear the front brake caliper.Want billet specialties,rc componets,or welds.
  14. vp C-85

    Any one try this fuel in there na mustang and if you did what were the results
  15. Mid pipe suggestion

    Wondering on x pipe for my 18 mustang gt.Wanting to install ultimate headers and retain my stock active exhaust.Was wonder what would just fit properly.Also performance is a key also.There are many to choose from,but not sure on fitment.Many diffrent price ranges also.
  16. weight of rc comp street exile 17x10 rear rim.

    Looking to buy a set and could not seem to find the weight.Who has the best deals on them thanks.
  17. Ultimate headers

    Has anyone used these headers and if so what was the hp gain or quarter mile time gain.I have a 10 pp1 with flex fuel vmp tune and looking to buy a set for my car.Thanks for your input
  18. sixty ft times.

    2018 auto mustang stock or on e85 sixty ft times with stock rims with drag radials.Or on a 17 drag radial.Trying to compare thanks
  19. 17 x10 pp1 replica wheel

    Have a 18 pp1 and like the looks of the stock rim.Was wondering if any one makes a 17 in wheel that looks stock.I want to put a drag radial on the back.Tried a mickey ss radial and had bad swaying and mickey thompson referred me to a 17in rim.
  20. Illinois drag pack

    Wanted drag pack for my 2018 mustang pp1.