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  1. Rear Light Tint Kit

    Can confirm that hair dryer does the job fine as well. Did mine myself last month but colder now so maybe better to do inside if you can.
  2. Rear Light Tint Kit

    Best tint around for the lights. Only have video & don’t know how to post up on here- go to Mander Mustang on Facebook :headbang::headbang::headbang:
  3. What did you do to your UK S550 Mustang Today

    My car is there at the moment while we are on holiday in Lake District. Thanks to you being the "tester" hopefully my lights will be fine but have total confidence that if I do get any problems they will be sorted. Bit of a road trip on Saturday going back down to Devon via London but will be...
  4. Defending the EB

    Haven't had anyone criticise engine choice. Had many comments about Mustangs only going in a straight line though. Do wish they would call the engine something other than Ecoboost though. I normally state that the engine is a 2.3 turbo with over 300bhp & that it is also used in the Focus RS -...
  5. What did you do to your UK S550 Mustang Today

    Hopefully thanks to the great experimenting that you and Sand has done on your lights, mine will be ok when done in two weeks. Have the rears experienced the same problems as well?
  6. Most miles

    14000 miles since May 2016.
  7. Help please, bonnet vent flew off on Motorway!

    When there are other mods for Modurstang Mike to do, I may also go down the re sticking route as well (already mounted the brackets from Michael Scott :)) I have just added a bit of Tiger Seal tonight around the opening you can can see under the hood & a bit round the edge on the top. Will see...
  8. Ford Fair - Steeda UK stand

    Already have IRS Base pack, front lower brace & strut brace - have made a difference. Springs will come in time
  9. Ford Fair - Steeda UK stand

    Came over to say hello. Spent most of my time admiring Paul's car! Might get some progressive springs next but have to still convince "the boss" who holds the mod funds!
  10. Help please, bonnet vent flew off on Motorway!

    Mine have lifted very slight at the front. To be on safe side, I have cable tied them underneath using the remaining parts of the factory clips. They will not now move but have also been kindly given some brackets for the front to make them nice & secure by Mike Scott. Also spoke to Modurstang...
  11. Convertible Windstop

    I have a non Ford one now redundant in my garage
  12. Convertible Windstop

    Completely agree with the last two members comments. I had a cheaper non Ford windbreak before getting the proper one after speaking to Mike R. No comparison much better despite being smaller & me being over 6feet tall. Looks better too.
  13. Another Hood Vent Story :(

    Just to let you know, my car has not been ceramic coated either. Vents are fine though. Hopefully they will stay like this.
  14. Red tail lights

    Also a guy on Euro forum called Dennis did them for €35 - he's in Holland so Freepost & no import tax. Got mine from him rather than Anchor Room. Can't see any problems re legality as when indicators are on, they still flash orange when red vinyl applied.
  15. Another Hood Vent Story :(

    Sorry to hear about the troubles you are having. I would also be getting grief from Mrs. Hope you get everything sorted. I'm still thinking about the lights front & rear. Will hopefully see Steve Manders front & rear Fortis conversion at Ford Fair in August with Simply Mustangs Facebook Group &...
  16. Another Hood Vent Story :(

    Just popped out to check- mine are fine :)
  17. The sound of Magnaflow Street series Cat-back & MMR Cold Air Intake together

    Got the engine cover carbon dipped & painted by a company locally to me. Lots of people have painted their own engine cover but wanted mine half carbon & red so had to get done professionally.
  18. The sound of Magnaflow Street series Cat-back & MMR Cold Air Intake together

    I agree with papinist as I have had Magnaflow Street on my Ecoboost Convertible for a few months. Looks much better than standard, sounds far better (not too loud), and zero drone. I also fitted the Airraid CAI at the same time. Hear lots of people state to avoid CAI on Ecoboost but as this is a...
  19. Ford strikes again - now resolved

    From what I remember from the days when I was in the motortrade, it was possible to De register a car with the dvla in exceptional circumstances. Never had to do it though. Good luck
  20. Some mods on my Vert

    Looking good, I have most of those Steeda mods on mine. Thinking of doing the springs next- any problems with speed humps?