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  1. 409 rear gear results

    ive emailed steeda on the 4.09 gear or should i install a convertor.The said convertor was the best choice.
  2. New PR 2022 GT(base) A10

    nice pass whats the mods
  3. 409 rear gear results

    Thats what i thought ls chicago.Will be at byron tommorrow,bunch of guys going.Trying to get an answer on this gear thing is tough.Just looking for someone that has done it with an a10.
  4. 409 rear gear results

    My car crosses the stripe in 6 and a half gear.It works fine just was wondering if any one ran the 4.09 gear on a pp1 3.55 gear and what were the results.May change to the 4.09 if i get some more info on it.
  5. 409 rear gear results

    120 121
  6. 409 rear gear results

  7. 409 rear gear results

    305 45 17 mickey
  8. 409 rear gear results

    Well I'm molded now 18 pp1 Wengerd e85 tune ultimate longtube headers steeda closed cold air bmr cradle lock outs and vertical links billet specialty drag pack.Was wonder if anyone has tried going from 3.55 to 4.09s and what the results were.
  9. 409 rear gear results

    Has anyone installed 4.09 rear gear on a a10 pp1 mustang. Was wondering what the car pickup in the quarter mile time.Thanks
  10. My times suck! What am I doing wrong??

    Im on an e85 tune,steeda closed air box,headers with stock resonator and mufflers,cradle lock outs and drag pack.Full 121mph.Give you an idea on some mods for you.My next purchase will be a torque convertor.
  11. My times suck! What am I doing wrong??

    run 28psi in rear,shut off traction control and stabilty track.Run 93 octane fuel, tare 1 93 if you can find it phillips 66 carries it or do a search.Small burnout shallow stage the car,i think you may be rolling to far in.Also put in drag mode.Your should be around 1.90 sixty,12.20s,118 mph...
  12. New PR, 2022 GT(base) A10 1/4 mile

    Whats the mods
  13. Roll Bar VS Harness Bar

    Well messed that up lol
  14. Roll Bar VS Harness Bar

    This may help
  15. Roll Bar VS Harness Bar

    i believe the nhra rule states that 2013 and up with dot tire and no airbag removable you are good to 9.00.You will need a nhra licenses also with proper safety gear for driver.You may want to double check on the year of car.
  16. Radials.... Didn't help

    Whats the weight now
  17. 1/4 mile 4100 pound 21 vert, runing Roush 2650

    Ok didn't realize it was convertible my bar
  18. 1/4 mile 4100 pound 21 vert, runing Roush 2650

    Your car is good to 9.00 as long as you have dot tires and do not remove any of the air bags.Nhra rule for 2014 cars and up.Tell your tech guy,print a copy of the rule for him to see.You will be required to have all the safety equipment for the driver and a nhra lic faster than 10.00