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  1. Powertrain Failure at the track *update 6/18 **Final**

    Prior to my HPDE I made sure my oil levels were topped off, and during a track day I do not consume much oil. In total DD + Track days I have gone through 2 quarts in 14 months. At the end of my 3rd session for the day today I came onto the front straight and when I applied throttle the car...
  2. GT4 Wing - Where to buy?

    I want the GT4 wing for the car, and eventually a front splitter. Where is the best place to buy either of these?
  3. Long term suspension project

    A few people expressed interest in my suspension project based on some initial info I have posted previously. I will document my project here for those who may like to follow along, or use it as inspiration for their own tastes. As a note I do not want to bash any aftermarket product, or...